Welsh Sport - Memorabilia relating to the heroes, heroines and history of Welsh Sport. 

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98.jpg (41574 bytes) Eleventh Annual Welsh Sprint Handicap at Taff Vale Park, Pontypridd on Saturday 30 August 1913.  A 12-page programme with rust marks to front cover and rusty staples.

Ref: PC46-oswa.atpr.19130830 - 85.00


07.jpg (72186 bytes) 26th Annual International Cross Country Championships, Caerleon, Newport programme. The first International CC Champs were held in 1903 and were contested by the four home countries, gradually other countries joined the championships and it was awarded world championship status in 1973. The first Welshman to win a medal was Sam Palmer with a bronze in in 1938, to date only two other third places have been recorded by Welshmen, John Merriman in 1960 and Steve Jones in 1984. The 1933 event is infamous for the friction between the North and South of Ireland, the North entered the competition for the very first time and the South withdrew despite already being pre-entered. The race was won by Jack Holden of England with the leading Welshman Harry Gallivan of Pontnewydd Harriers in 14th, Results of the race can be found on the following webpage. CLICK HERE . The 24 page programme is generally in good condition with a name and address written to the front and results filled in neatly throughout. 

Ref: PC26-oswa.atpr19330325-xb - 65.00


64.jpg (46579 bytes) Wales AAA's v AAA's (Amateur Athletic Association) 18th August 1951 at Newport Athletic Club. - 12 page programme for this international meeting, folding creases and results inked in. 

Ref: MC234- oswa.atpr19510815 - 25.00


93.jpg (31747 bytes) Monmouthshire AAA Championships at Newport Athletic Club on 21 May 1956.  A 12-page programme in very good condition. 

Ref: PC46-oswa.atpr.19560521 - 9.00


88.jpg (35107 bytes) Glamorgan Secondary Schools' AAA West Glamorgan Championship Meeting at Sketty Green Playing Fields, Swansea on 21 May 1959.  A 12-page programme with a name on the front cover, creased and rusty staples.

Ref: PC46-oswa.atpr.19590521 - 5.00


89.jpg (45035 bytes) Carmarthenshire Secondary Schools' AAA 14th Annual Championship Meeting at People's Park, Llanelly on 5 June 1959.  A 20-page programme with writing on front cover, some light creasing, a torn page and rusty staples.

Ref: PC46-oswa.atpr.19590605 - 5.00


87.jpg (34710 bytes) Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, Carmarthen Inter-House Athletics Meeting at School Field on 14 July 1960.  A 32-page programme with results inked in, includes TGR (Gerald) Davies the legendary Wales wing in the 100 yards hurdles,  one crease otherwise in very good condition.

Ref: PC46-oswa.atpr.19600714 - 15.00


94.jpg (54719 bytes) Official Opening of the City of Swansea Athletics (Morfa) Stadium incorporating quadrangular (Birchfield v Cardiff v South West wales Select v Swansea) athletics meeting at Upper Bank, Landore, Swansea on 5 October 1980.  A 52-page programme with folding crease. 

Ref: PC46-oswa.atpr.19801005 - 8.00


92.jpg (51674 bytes) Welsh Schools' National Track & Field Championships at Carmarthen on 4 July 1992.  A 52-page programme with marks on front cover otherwise in very good condition.

Ref: PC46-oswa.atpr.19920704 - 5.00


99.jpg (43662 bytes) Addis Swansea Enterprise 10K Road Race 1994. Race won by Olympian Steve Brace of Bridgend.

Ref: MC11-oswa.atpr94-addis 1.00



02.jpg (35520 bytes) Dinner to celebrate the Centenary of the Welsh Track & Field Championships at the Paramount Angel Hotel, Cardiff on 11 November 2007, in very good condition.

Ref: PC46-oswa.atdm.20071111 - 3.00




86.jpg (8045 bytes) Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, Carmarthen Inter-House Athletic Meeting at School Field on 11 July 1957.  Slight mark on ticket otherwise in very good condition.

Ref: PC46-oswa.attk.19570711 - 5.00


85.jpg (20423 bytes) UK Athletics Championships at Cardiff Athletic Stadium, Leckwith Road, Cardiff on 3 June 1990, in very good condition.

Ref: PC46-oswa.attk.19900603 - 5.00



BADMINTON - sold out



82.jpg (21740 bytes) Wales B v England B programme at Riverside Park, Rumney, Cardiff on 23 July 2011.  very good condition.

Ref: PC46-oswa.bspr.20110723.waenag-b - 5.00



81.jpg (9795 bytes) Bowling Association of Wales Official Year Book 1969.  Includes photos of officers, fixtures, competition results, accounts, club information etc, 44 pages with covers torn & marked.

Ref: PC46-oswa.bwhb.1969 - 5.00


80.jpg (22935 bytes) West Glamorgan County Bowling Association Official Year Book 1983. Includes photos of competition winners, fixtures, competition results, championship records, club information etc,  64 pages in very good condition.

Ref: PC46-oswa.bwhb-w.glam-1983 - 5.00


79.jpg (27974 bytes) Welsh Bowling Association 1981 National Championships at BSC (Ebbw Vale) Bowling Club 13-15 August 1981.  A 16-page programme in very good condition.

Ref: PC46-oswa.bwpr.19810813 - 5.00


78.jpg (35107 bytes) Penylan Bowling Club, Cardiff - 71st Annual Men's Open Singles Tournament commencing 28 July 1990 (and during the week).  A 20-page programme in very good condition.

Ref: PC46-oswa.bwpr.19900728 - 2.00


77.jpg (32285 bytes) Penylan Bowling Club, Cardiff - 74th Annual Men's Open Singles Tournament commencing 25 July 1993 (and during the week).  A 20-page programme slight creases and some print fading on front cover.

Ref: PC46-oswa.bwpr.19930725 - 2.00





25.jpg (454038 bytes) Howard Winstone, Merthyr Tydfil signed boxing 6"x4" (15cm x 12cm) postcard, plain back, small corner fold to the top left hand corner.  Sold together with a COA guaranteeing the authenticity of the signature.

Ref: F52-92-oswami.bn.aupc-winstone - 45.00   


24.jpg (452072 bytes) Howard Winstone, Merthyr, Wales, World Featherweight Boxing Champion signed 8"x6" (20cm x 15cm) photograph, some fading to the signature. Sold together with a COA guaranteeing the authenticity of the signature.  

Ref: F52-111-oswami.bn.aupc-winstone - 35.00   


BOOKS - sold out



69.jpg (32349 bytes) 68.jpg (35280 bytes) Joe Calzaghe - 2 A4 colour promotional photographs in very good condition, small corner fold to portrait photo.

Ref: PC46-oswa.bnph-calzaghe.gp2 - 5.00




73.jpg (299180 bytes) Ravenhill Garage, Swansea. 15 Jul 1947. An evening of boxing organised by the Swansea Celtic Sports Committee. Top of the bill Cliff Curvis (Swansea) v Jan Nicolaas (Holland), other contests Doug Richards (Swansea) v Jim Green (London), Ken Curvis (Swansea & Champion of India) v Bryn Davies (Skewen), Fred Evans (Cymmer 'The Ginger Cyclone') v Danny Jones (Ammanford), Eric Thomas (Cwmtwrch) v Idris Lazenbury (Caerphilly), Dave Lloyd (Swansea) v Sid Williams (Gorseinon) 

Ref: PC26-oswa.bnpr-19470715 - 50.00  


65.jpg (40516 bytes) International Boxing Tournament at Market Hall, Carmarthen on 16 May 1955.  Dai Dower (contender for the Flyweight Championship of the World from Wales) v Jean Kidy (Belgium), Kurt Ernst (Austria) v Emrys Jones (Oswestry), Parry Dando (Llanhilleth) v Eric Billington (Colborne), Simon Templar (Jamaica) v C Purnell (Bath), Peter Bunt (Pontypridd) v R Griffiths (Llanboidy), L Barrow (Swansea) v Eddie Williams (Tredegar).  Folding crease and marked with rusty staples.

Ref: PC46-oswa.bnpr.19550516 - 39.00




46.jpg (36391 bytes) Norway v Wales Amateur Boxing International  at Hetlandshallen on 26 January 1980.  Folding crease.

Ref: PC46-oswa.bnprat.19761201 - 14.00


45.jpg (40569 bytes) Glamorgan Schoolboys v Yorkshire Schoolboys  Amateur Boxing Tournament at The Aberavon Hotel, Port Talbot on 9 June 1989, slight crease, good condition.

Ref: PC46-oswa.bnprat.19890609 - 5.00




62-JAMES.jpg (120371 bytes)

Ronnie James of Swansea. A modern photographic print. Please CLICK HERE for prices and sizes available





The following ties are from the collection of a former Welsh boxing referee who travelled to the Commonwealth Games on several occasions as a team manager and boxing referee at the games. 

29.jpg (490539 bytes)

Great Britain Boxing Trials 1972 - 7.5cm

Ref: AD06-P3-1-osol1972mmti.bnta -  15.00  

28.jpg (452365 bytes)

Wales to Commonwealth Games, Christchurch, NZ, 1974 team tie - navy, 8cm

Ref: AD06-P3-2-osco1974mmti.watm -  15.00  

26.jpg (741056 bytes)

Wales to Commonwealth Games, Edinburgh 1986 team tie, chocolate - 7.5cm

Ref: AD06-P3-4-osco1986mmti.watm -  15.00  

24.jpg (582726 bytes)

Commonwealth Games, Edinburgh 1986 tie - 7.5cm - believed to be an official games tie

Ref: AD06-P3-6-osco1986mmti -  12.00  

21.jpg (996492 bytes)

Wales to Commonwealth Games, Melbourne 2006 team tie - 9.5cm

Ref: AD06-P3-8-osco2006mmti.watm -  15.00  

25.jpg (582381 bytes)

Wales to Commonwealth Games, Edinburgh 1986 team tie, green - 7.5 cm

Ref: AD06-P3-5-osco1986mmti.watm -  15.00  

20.jpg (653243 bytes)

British Amateur Boxing Association late 1970s - 11cm - navy

Ref: AD06-P3-10-osbn.mmti-baba -  15.00

22.jpg (581719 bytes)

Wales to Commonwealth Games, Auckland, NZ, 1990 team tie - 7.5cm

Ref: AD06-P3-7-osco1990mmti.watm -  15.00  

17.jpg (740997 bytes)

Welsh Amateur Boxing Association, Northern Division - 7.5cm - navy

Ref: AD06-P3-12-oswabn.mmti-waba.no -  15.00

18.jpg (1210087 bytes)

British Amateur Boxing Association late 1970s - 10 cm - maroon

Ref: AD06-P3-11-osbn.mmti-baba -  15.00

15.jpg (631227 bytes)

Welsh Amateur Boxing Association 1950-1970 - 7.5cm - navy

Ref: AD06-P3-14-oswabn.mmti-waba -  15.00

07.jpg (603812 bytes)

Scotland - possibly a Scottish Amateur Boxing Association tie 8.5 cm - navy

Ref: AD06-P3-22-osbn.mmti-saba -  12.00

13.jpg (589423 bytes)

Welsh Amateur Boxing Referees & Judges Association - 11 cm - navy

Ref: AD06-P3-16-oswabn.mmti-waba.rf -  15.00

16.jpg (775182 bytes)

Welsh Amateur Boxing Association - 8cm - navy

Ref: AD06-P3-13-oswabn.mmti-waba -  15.00

04.jpg (566842 bytes)

Wales team tie - European Boxing Championships, Poland 1975 - 9cm

Ref: AD06-P3-25-oswabn.mmti.euha1975 -  15.00  

10.jpg (833408 bytes)

DABU Boxing tie - possibly German Amateur Boxing Association 8.5cm - gold colour 

Ref: AD06-P3-19-osbn.mmti-duba -  12.00  

05.jpg (463877 bytes)

Yorkshire Amateur Boxing Association  7.5 cm - navy

Ref: AD06-P3-24-osbn.mmti-yaba -  24.00

02.jpg (647246 bytes)

Splott Amateur Boxing Club - 9.5cm - navy

Ref: AD06-P3-27-oswabn.mmti-splott -  16.00  


Cricket memorabilia relating to Glamorgan including from the 1948 & 1969 championship seasons, 1993 Sunday League Championship including scorecards, programmes, autographs, books, yearbooks, ties etc. Other memorabilia relating to Welsh cricket can also be found on this page including club histories & ties. To visit this page please click on the image above or the links below to go straight to individual sections on this page.




41.jpg (112864 bytes) South Wales Evening Post Prutour 1999 supplement, an 8 page newspaper with info about the Prutour's visit to Swansea.

Ref: PC26-oswa.ccnp-swep.1999-prutour - 3.00



DARTS - sold out




72.jpg (346678 bytes) BRITISH EMPIRE GAMES, Cardiff 1958. - Official programme for Athletics on 22nd July including women's high jump, 880 yards final, men's long jump final & 3 miles. Generally in good condition with the majority of results added to the event pages in ink. Two names and notes on the front cover which are difficult to decipher, possibly athletes autographs.

Ref: PC26-oswa.coatpr19580722 - 9.00


93.jpg (63511 bytes) BRITISH EMPIRE GAMES, Cardiff 1958. - Official programme for Athletics on 24th July including women's 220 yards, men's 220 yards, hurdles heats, javelin, & men's 1 mile heats, very good. 

Ref: PC46-oswa.coprat.19580724 - 9.00


13.jpg (385800 bytes) BRITISH EMPIRE GAMES, Cardiff 1958. - Official programme for Athletics on 26th July, the last day of competition. Events include, (all finals) women's long jump, hammer, pole vault, 4 x 110 yards relay, 4 x 440 yards relay, women's 80 metres hurdles, one mile. The majority of results are inked in and the programme is missing a corner from the bottom front right, generally the condition is fair. 

Ref: PC26-oswa.coatpr19580726 - 9.00


00z.jpg (323973 bytes)

"The Official History of the VI th British Empire and Commonwealth Games, Wales 1958." A 508 page review of the Games published by the Western Mail & Echo. Includes a complete set of results for all sports and many photos of competitors and sports. The book is in very good condition. 
00y.jpg (159297 bytes) 00x.jpg (143478 bytes)

Ref: LB-oswa.cobkhi.1958-wme - 95.00



25.jpg (465385 bytes)

Wales - Commonwealth Games Edinburgh, probably an official team members tie - cm - navy - as new in original packaging

Ref: AD05-591-oswami.co.tiwatm86 -  14.00  

  23.jpg (912290 bytes)

Team Wales - Commonwealth Games Kuala Lumpur 1998 official team tie, 8.5cm, as new in original packaging

Ref: AD06-oswami.co.tiwatm98 -  10.00  




17.jpg (31592 bytes) 1968 Olympics First Day Cover (Czechoslovakia) signed by Olympic gold medallist Lynn Davies. Davies represented Great Britain at the games in Mexico City. 

Ref: PC26-oswa.ataufd.osol.1968-davies.lynn - 20.00


15.jpg (38908 bytes) 1964 Olympics First day Cover (Germany) signed by Olympic gold medallist Lynn Davies and Peter Radford who won two bronze medals in the 1960 olympics (100 mts & 4 x 100 relay). A nicely illustrated cover with judo stamp and illustration. 

Ref: PC26-oswa.ataufd.osol.1964.augp2-radford.davies - 45.00


14.jpg (42067 bytes) 1968 Olympics First day Cover (GB) with special departure postmark signed by 3 Olympic gold medallists, David Hemery (400m hurdles), Chris Finnegan (boxing) and Lynn Davies (long jump). Hemery & Finnegan won their medals at the 1968 games, Davies in 1964, he also competed in the 1968 & 1972 Olympic Games. 

Ref:  PC26-oswa.ataufd.osol.1968-augp3.in-hemery - 65.00




56.jpg (138887 bytes)


Dai Rees was one of the greatest Welsh golfers ever. Born in Aberdare, Dai learned his golf at the Aberdare Golf Club where his dad was the professional. The highlight of his career was when he led Britain to Ryder Cup success in 1957. In all he played in nine competitions against the Americans. He finished runner-up in the Open Championship in 1953, 1954 and 1961 and was the BBC and Welsh Sports Personality of 1957. He featured in adverts as one of the "Brylcreem Boys". 

The illustration is by Neath artist Haydn Ford whose published works include a book of caricatures of the 1948 Invincible Australian cricketers and "Heads and Tails" a booklet of caricatures of 1950s Welsh rugby stars. 

This is an original one off caricature by Haydn Ford, Dai Rees has signed in the bottom left corner, the signature is faded but still legible. It is mounted and ready for framing.  Total size 20" x 16" (51cm x 41cm). 

Ref: ZN15-oswa.goaupt-rees - 250.00




30.jpg (39904 bytes) Celebrity Pro-Am Golf Tournament (Welsh Rugby Union) at St Pierre, Chepstow on 2 May 1983.  Very good condition.

Ref: PC46-oswa.gopr-19830502 - 5.00


29.jpg (82000 bytes) Celebrity Pro-Am Golf Tournament (Welsh Rugby Union) at St Pierre, Chepstow on 6 May 1985.  very good condition.

Ref: PC46-oswa.gopr-19850506 - 5.00


28.jpg (157471 bytes) Celebrity Pro-Am Golf Tournament (Welsh Rugby Union) at St Pierre, Chepstow on 28 May 1990.  very good condition.

Ref: PC46-oswa.gopr-19900528 - 5.00


27.jpg (55903 bytes) Swansea City - Pro-Celebrity Golf Tournament for the Casey's Challenge Cup in aid of Swansea City AFC at Fairwood Park Golf Club on Friday 7 June 1991.  Folding crease.

Ref: PC46-oswa.gopr-19910607 - 5.00


26.jpg (144327 bytes)

Celebrity Pro-Am Golf Tournament (Welsh Rugby Union) at St Pierre, Chepstow on 24 May 1992.  very good condition.

Ref: PC46-oswa.gopr-19920524 - 5.00


25.jpg (52012 bytes) Welsh Schools' Golf Championships at Wrexham Golf Club on 3 July 1992.  good condition.

Ref: PC46-oswa.gopr-19920703 - 4.00



21.jpg (18930 bytes) Unused scorecard from Whitchurch (Cardiff) Golf Club.  very good condition.

Ref: PC46-oswa.goorcd-whitchurch - 2.00





19.jpg (18403 bytes) South Wales Hockey League Handbook Season 1991-1992, 28 pages.  Very good condition. 

Ref: PC46-oswa.hchb.sowa1991 - 5.00




03.jpg (40254 bytes) MEN'S HOCKEY - Wales v Scotland, 29th February 1936 at the Gnoll, Neath. A 16 page programme with a slight crease down the centre, previously removed from a scrapbook, paper attached to back cover. 

Ref: CC72-oswa.hcprwasc36 - 15.00


01.jpg (81772 bytes) MEN'S HOCKEY - Wales v England 21st March 1936 at Rhyl. A 12 page programme that has previously been removed from a scrapbook and has paper attached to back cover. Otherwise the programme is in excellent condition. 

Ref: PC26-oswa.hcprwaen36 - 25.00







14.jpg (31025 bytes) Chepstow Races - 1 July 1989.  very good condition.

Ref: PC46-oswa.hrpr-19890701.chepstow - 2.00


13.jpg (29855 bytes) Chepstow Races - 15 September 1990.  very good condition.

Ref: PC46-oswa.hrpr-19900915.chepstow - 2.00


12.jpg (31027 bytes) Chepstow Races - 16 October 1990.  very good condition.

Ref: PC46-oswa.hrpr-19901016.chepstow - 2.00


10.jpg (20269 bytes) Chepstow Races - 9 March 1991.  Slight mark on front cover otherwise in very good condition.

Ref: PC46-oswa.hrpr-19910309.chepstow - 2.00


09.jpg (27375 bytes) Mercedes-Benz Handicap Chase at Chepstow - 5 October 1991.  Slight creases otherwise in very good condition.

Ref: PC46-oswa.hrpr-19911005.chepstow - 3.00


08.jpg (29204 bytes) Chepstow Races - 15 October 1991. Creased.

Ref: PC46-oswa.hrpr-19911015.chepstow - 2.00


07.jpg (26833 bytes) Chepstow Races - 14 March 1992.  very good condition.

Ref: PC46-oswa.hrpr-19920314.chepstow - 2.00


06.jpg (26363 bytes) Chepstow Races - 21 April 1992.  very good condition.

Ref: PC46-oswa.hrpr-19920421.chepstow - 2.00


05.jpg (37878 bytes) Tarmac Construction Stakes (Handicap) Evening Race Meeting at Chepstow - 11 June 1992.  very good condition.

Ref: PC46-oswa.hrpr-19920611.chepstow - 2.00


04.jpg (27721 bytes) Chepstow Races - 31 August 1992.  Very good condition.

Ref: PC46-oswa.hrpr-19920831.chepstow - 2.00


03.jpg (29683 bytes) Chepstow Races - Mercedes-Benz Handicap Chase at Chepstow - 3 October 1992..  Slight crease otherwise in very good condition.

Ref: PC46-oswa.hrpr-19921003.chepstow - 3.00


02.jpg (25407 bytes) Chepstow Races - 5 December 1992.  very good condition.

Ref: PC46-oswa.hrpr-19921205.chepstow - 2.00


01.jpg (31814 bytes) Chepstow Races - 8 July 1993. Slight crease otherwise in good condition.

Ref: PC46-oswa.hrpr-19930708.chepstow - 2.00


99.jpg (36008 bytes) Chepstow Races - 7 July 1994.  Very good condition.

Ref: PC46-oswa.hrpr-19940707.chepstow - 2.00


98.jpg (32924 bytes) Chepstow Races - 22 March 2000.  Slight marks to front cover otherwise in very good condition.

Ref: PC46-oswa.hrpr-20000322.chepstow - 2.00



97.jpg (33365 bytes) Western Mail & Echo Racing and Sporting Guide 1936.  Front & back covers detached, information on horse racing and many other Welsh sports including: swimming, greyhound racing, bowls, gymnastics, hockey, tennis, baseball, golf, athletics, cycling, boxing, table tennis, billiards & snooker.    

Ref: PC46-oswa.hrgdr-1936 - 19.00





94.jpg (78901 bytes) Cardiff Devils v Newcastle Riverkings at Wales National Ice Rink, Cardiff on 28 November 1999.  very good condition. 

Ref: PC46-oswa.ihpr.19991128 - 2.00



92.jpg (17812 bytes) Cardiff Devils v Newcastle Riverkings at Wales National Ice Rink, Cardiff on 28 November 1999.  very good condition. 

Ref: PC46-oswa.ihtk.19991128 - 1.00


91.jpg (12068 bytes) Cardiff Devils v Nottingham Panthers at Wales National Ice Rink, Cardiff on 4 February 2001.  Print fading and creased. 

Ref: PC46-oswa.ihtk.20010204 - 1.00


90.jpg (12768 bytes) Cardiff Devils v Sheffield Steelers at Wales National Ice Rink, Cardiff on 28 January 2001.  Creased. 

Ref: PC46-oswa.ihtk.20010128 - 1.00




95.jpg (30010 bytes) LADIES LACROSSE - South Wales v North Wales 11th January 1947, a 4 page programme for match played at Whitchurch Hospital Grounds, Cardiff. 

Ref: PC26-oswa.lapr19470111 - 9.00





MOTOR SPORT - sold out



83.jpg (104254 bytes) 85.jpg (57511 bytes) 84.jpg (103882 bytes) 82.jpg (92516 bytes) Wales Rally GB 30 November -2 December 2007 - A group of 4 publications & other officially distributed sheets relating the Wales Rally GB 2007. The group comprises of the following:
  • Official Programme, very good condition.
  • Media Guide, 90 pages, very good condition
  • Media Safety Plan, 40 pages, very good condition
  • Route Map, very good condition
  • about 20 - 30 loose A4 sheets (not illustrated) comprising of stage results and media information sheets.

Altogether this makes an interesting archive.

Ref: PC46-oswa.ra.wa.2007.gp5 - 29.00




81.jpg (58642 bytes) Wales Under 21 v Scotland Under 21 also Seniors v North West Region at Deeside Leisure Centre, Queensferry on 9 March 1996.  very good condition.

Ref: PC46-oswa.nepr.19960309 - 2.00







Welsh international Rugby League programmes can be found on our main Rugby League programme page. To visit this section on the Rugby League page. Please click on the image above or CLICK HERE




40.jpg (48740 bytes) 39.jpg (46732 bytes)

Gold medal awarded to Albert Green (Thomas Albert Green later to become Albert Jones) by Pontypridd Rugby League Supporters Club on the occasion of him playing for Wales against New Zealand in 1926. The medal by Thomas Fattorni, Birmingham is 35mm x 25mm in size. 

Ref: F20-99-oswa.rlmd-green - 350.00



SNOOKER - sold out


SOCCER  -  click on the links to be taken to individual pages

Cardiff City  -  Newport County  -  Swansea City  -  Welsh Soccer




76.jpg (49071 bytes) SWEDEN v AUSTRALIA at Somerton Park Stadium, Newport on 6 July 1973. Very good condition.

Ref: PC46-oswa.sppr.19730706 - 5.00


73.jpg (56952 bytes) Newport Wasps v Exeter Falcons at Somerton Park Stadium on 10 April 1970.  Very good condition with some results inked inside.

Ref: PC46-oswa.sppr.19700410 - 3.00




69.jpg (34329 bytes) Newport Borough Police Annual Aquatic Gala at Maindee Baths, Newport on 18 October 1956.  Minor creases.

Ref: PC46-oswa.swpr.19561018 - 8.00


67.jpg (30080 bytes) Llanelli Amateur Swimming Club Junior/Novice Gala on 28 September 1996.  Some annotations inside and writing to front cover.

Ref: PC46-oswa.swpr.19960928 - 2.00



66.jpg (21022 bytes) Welsh Lawn Tennis Association Handbook and 1990 Annual Report, includes results, rankings, club info, international info, a comprehensive publication, 96 pages in good condition.

Ref: PC46-oswa.tehbwa.1990 - 9.00



65.jpg (28958 bytes) Welsh Triathlon Association window sticker (196mm x 87mm).  very good condition.

Ref: PC46-oswa.wathsk - 3.00




61.jpg (91313 bytes) Swansea - Sports Gazette - No 4 - October 1980 - A 24-page fortnightly sports paper  printed in Swansea - issue 4 (approx October 1980). Front cover photo of Alan Waddle Includes pool and snooker, Llanelli 10 New Zealand 16, West Wales Chess League, angling, Swansea City, weight-lifting.  Very good condition.

Ref: PC46-oswa.gemg-gazette.4 - 6.00

59.jpg (147457 bytes) Swansea - Sportsnews - No 3 - 22 September 1977 - A 20-page weekly sports paper printed in Swansea with news, views and information of sport and leisure in South West Wales - issue 3 - 22 September 1977.  Includes rugby referees, soccer, Port Talbot Motor Club, profile of Harry Griffiths, local bowls darts, pool & snooker.  Very good condition.

Ref: PC46-oswa.gemg-sportsnews.3-19770922 - 5.00

58.jpg (138873 bytes) Swansea - Sportsnews - No 4 - 29 September 1977 - A 20-page weekly sports paper printed in Swansea with news, views and information of sport and leisure in South West Wales - issue 4 - 29 September 1977.  Includes Penclawdd RFC, local cricketers for Australia, indoor hockey for Swansea, profiles of Mervyn Davies, local soccer & rugby, angling, local pool, snooker & darts, rallying & surfing.  Very good condition.

Ref: PC46-oswa.gemg-sportsnews.4-19770929 - 6.00

56.jpg (141717 bytes) Swansea - Sportsnews - No6 - 13 October 1977 - A 20-page weekly sports paper printed in Swansea with news, views and information of sport and leisure in South West Wales - issue 6 - 13 October 1977.  Includes table tennis, local soccer, photos of Port Tennant Colts and Hafod Brotherhood, Briton Ferry and rugby tables, photo of Swansea Uplands & Llangennech angling, local pool & snooker leagues, netball, athletics and racquet sports.  Very good condition.

Ref: PC46-oswa.gemg-sportsnews.6 -19771013 - 6.00

55.jpg (96794 bytes) Welsh Sports View - issue 1 - January 1977. John Toshack front cover photo Includes Lynn Davies profile, centres of controversy, women in sport, save our soccer, profile of Nan Thomas (Wales Hockey Coach), profile of Kelvin Smart.  A 40-page monthly sports magazine - Very good condition.

Ref: PC46-oswa.gemg-sportsview.1 -1977.01 - 12.00

54.jpg (91033 bytes) Welsh Sports View - issue 2 - February 1977.  Includes profile of Jeremy Charles, Welsh hockey, Welsh gold scene, profile and front cover photo of Gareth Edwards, rugby league gossip, profile of boxer Eddie Thomas.  A 36-page monthly sports magazine - Very good condition.

Ref: PC46-oswa.gemg-sportsview.2 -1977.02 - 6.00

52.jpg (105520 bytes) Welsh Sports View - issue 4 - April 1977.  Includes interview with Wales soccer manager Mike Smith, Welsh darts, Welsh gold scene, Welsh lacrosse, City of Cardiff Swimming Club, rugby league and Welsh hockey.  A 36-page monthly sports magazine - Very good condition.

Ref: PC46-oswa.gemg-sportsview.4 -1977.04 - 6.00

50.jpg (94220 bytes) Welsh Sport - issue 4 - September 1986.  Welsh badminton, Welsh schools cricket, cycling in Wales, Welsh cyclo-cross, ice skating, Welsh judo & karate, Welsh netball, Welsh Cross Country, skiing and table tennis. A 32-page monthly sports magazine - Very good condition.

Ref: PC46-oswa.gemg-sport.4 -1986.09 - 6.00

49.jpg (105650 bytes) Welsh Sport Cymru - issue 1 - December 1997.  Includes profiles of Joe Calzaghe, Andy Moore, Mark Hughes David Temme (President of Cardiff Devils) and Non Evans, Glamorgan are the champs, Wrexham FC and Swansea RFC.  A 52-page monthly sports magazine - Very good condition.

Ref: PC46-oswa.gemg-cymru.1 -1997.12 - 10.00

48.jpg (64386 bytes) Sportsnews Wales - The magazine of the Sports Council for Wales - issue 27 - Summer 1998.  14 pages in English and the same 14 pages in Welsh back-to-back. Includes profile of Kelly Morgan (badminton), women's soccer and hockey, hand gliding and paragliding, wheelchair rugby & disabled sport, Surf Lifeguard Championships of Wales, profile of Glamorgan's Mike Powell.  Very good condition.

Ref: PC46-oswa.gemg-sportsnews.27 - 5.00

47.jpg (45377 bytes) Rhondda Valley - Just Rentals Hall of Fame '93 Sports Awards - luncheon acknowledging sports men and women in the Rhondda Valley.  A 24-page programme for with marks to the front cover otherwise in good condition.

Ref: PC46-oswa.gepr-just.rentals.93 - 4.00

46.jpg (24421 bytes) Western Mail/BBC Cymru Wales Welsh Sports Personality of the Year 1993 - An 8-page programme including all complete list of past winners.  Folding crease.

Ref: PC46-oswa.gepr-personality.93 - 3.00

45.jpg (28927 bytes) Welsh Sports Hall of Fame Annual Dinner - A 12-page programme/dinner menu at The City Hall, Cardiff on 10 May 1996.  Very good condition.

Ref: PC46-oswa.geprhf.96 - 3.00

44.jpg (34275 bytes) Welsh Sports Hall of Fame 20th Roll of Honour Dinner - A 12-page programme/dinner menu at The City Hall, Cardiff on 16 May 2008.  very good condition.

Ref: PC46-oswa.geprhf.08 - 3.00

43.jpg (18853 bytes) Welsh Sports Hall of Fame 21st Roll of Honour Dinner - A 12-page programme/dinner menu at The City Hall, Cardiff on 5 June 2009.  very good condition.

Ref: PC46-oswa.geprhf.09 - 3.00

42.jpg (39690 bytes) Swansea Sportsmen's Club - 32nd Annual Award Dinner - a tribute to Enzo Maccarinelli - A 16-page programme/dinner menu at The Dolphin Hotel on 10 September 2004.  very good condition.

Ref: PC46-oswa.gepr-swansea-mpcb.04 - 3.00

41.jpg (46168 bytes) 11th Welsh Disabled Sports Team Championships at the Newport Centre on 5 November 1995 - A 32-page programme.  very good condition.

Ref: PC46-oswa.geprdi19951105 - 3.00







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