Llanelli, Wales & the British Lions, Welsh Rugby Union secretary 1956 - 1981 

BILL CLEMENT 1915-2007  

A tribute by Alan Hughes

L. K. OBRIEN, Chief Cashier at the bank of England, I knew his name well! For his rather stark and unwieldy signature appeared in my young days on the back of every bank note that came our way. Ten bob, quid, occasional fiver (were there others?).
                   To anybody in the Principality's rugby public however, there was another, perhaps more meaningful signature that became synonymous with the part the game played in their lives.

It was that of W. H Clement, whose written name was printed on every international ticket for over a quarter of a century, in his capacity as Secretary of the Welsh Rugby Union. 

                    But what of the man? Bill Clement was born in Llanelli in 1915 during the years of the first World War, and was educated at the local county School . He was a fast and elusive three-quarter, before winning the first of six international caps for Wales against England in 1937, and touring South Africa with the 1938 British Lions.        

                   The outbreak of the second World War saw him Commissioned into the 4th Battalion of the WELCH regiment, with whom he took part in the D-Day landings in June 1944.

                   One month later, Clement (Now major) was involved in hand to hand fighting near Caen in Northern France , in which all but two of the men in his leading platoon were either killed or wounded. The action became known as the ‘’battle of the bulge’’. Though wounded himself Clement, with his men, continued to their objective before inflicting considerable damage to the enemy positions. For his outstanding qualities of leadership Clement was awarded the military cross.

                   Bill Clement was demobilised in 1946 and settled into post war life as an accountant with Brecon County Council.             

It ‘’ Twas Autumn and Sunshine arose on the way to the home of my fathers that welcomed me back’’  

The year 1956 saw him take up the post in which he became almost without parallel one of rugby's great administrators.

                   Under his stewardship Wales were to win nine Championships, three grand slams, and seven triple crowns, and he played a prominent part in the re-building of Cardiff Arms Park .  

                   He was awarded an O.B.E in the new years honours list in 1981.

Bill Clement died, aged 91, as the oldest Welsh International in February 2007. His wife pre-deceased him and he is survived by his daughter.

He had become what after all, is far more important than being a great rugby player, he was a great rugby man. The game, its spirit and camaraderie were dear to him and he knew and cherished the fraternity that exists in rugby as perhaps in no other sport.  





Please find below items of personal memorabilia that belonged to Bill Clement. The majority of items are for sale on the Rugby Relics website. Please CLICK HERE to view the remaining items in the collection.  





05.jpg (14496 bytes) 03.jpg (81269 bytes)

England v Wales 18th January 1937. The official dinner photo for the post-match dinner after Bill Clement had won his first cap. England won the match 4 - 3, a Hal Sever drop goal, then worth 4 points to a Wilf Wooller try, worth 3  The dinner was held at the Mayfair Hotel, W1. The photograph by Rawood photography is in a large presentation folder 19" x 11" (48cm x 28cm).


00s.jpg (57983 bytes) 00r.jpg (68083 bytes) 00q.jpg (36884 bytes)

England v Wales 18th January 1937. The official dinner menu card for the post match dinner at the Mayfair Hotel, W1. The menu card has been signed by 12 attendees of the dinner. These include Bill himself, Jim Lang, Wilf Wooller, Emrys Evans, Geoffrey Crawshay (Crawshay's welsh XV founder), D Thomas plus England's half backs Kemp & Giles, Peter Cranmer, Peter Candler and England captain HG 'Tuppy' Owen-Smith who has also noted 'glad I didn't meet you'. England went on to win the Triple Crown later that season with victories over Ireland and Scotland. 


44.jpg (255952 bytes) 43.jpg (226243 bytes)

Scotland v Wales 1969 touch flag, traditionally touch flags have been presented to leading officials of the competing teams at the post match dinner. This is the flag (only) from Wales' 1969 triple crown season match against Scotland. the match was won 17 - 3 by Wales. This is recognised as the first match of the second golden era and saw the London Welsh pairing of Mervyn Davies and JPR Williams winning their first caps.


81.jpg (144672 bytes)

Welsh squad poster 1977-8 - Grand Slam season squad poster, size 38cm x 30cm, the illustrated poster is similar to the one in the collection. 


  81.jpg (144672 bytes)

Welsh squad poster 1980-1 - Centenary season squad poster, size 38cm x 30cm, the illustrated poster is similar to the one in the collection 



00o.jpg (438113 bytes) 00n.jpg (66033 bytes)

Bennett's Mighty Men sung by David Alexander, a 7" gramaphone record in pictorial sleeve, signed to the reverse by Welsh international Derek Quinnell, the b side is a version of Myfanwy.


00m.jpg (234501 bytes)

00l.jpg (196048 bytes)

00k.jpg (213058 bytes)

Bill Clement's A5 size diary/notebook from the 1975 tour of the Far East - the diary is handwritten with daily entries from September 3rd, tour party assembly to Monday 22nd September return journey. daily notes include injuries to players.............

Friday 19th September 1975 - "....Injured players - Qinnell, Clegg, Gerald Davies & Price improving with exception of first named - he is depressed as infection in ears cause much pain and discomfort & there is little prospect of him playing again on tour......"

match reports and observations........... 

Monday 15th September 1975 - "Very hot night at stadium with humidity at 87 - 89% - Excellent crowd estimated at 35,000 paying 18 million yen. Wales won game by 32 pts to 3 made up of 5 tries - 3 conversions & 2 pens to 1 pen. Score not a fair reflection of game as combined side played extremely well were fast and fit - good handlers - demon tacklers.........."

there is also plenty of trip information and observations of local sights etc.


31.jpg (165940 bytes) 00v.gif (151263 bytes) 00.gif (84438 bytes)

Canada rugby tour of British isles 1962 presentation tankard. A 12cm one pint tankard . The tankard is by Lambert Potteries Ltd, Vancouver B.C. and has #3 Cannibal Bird written on the bottom. This tankard would have been brought over with the team for presenting to the hosting teams. Bill probably received the tankard on the occasion of the Wales Under 23 match at Cardiff Arms Park. 


37.jpg (224480 bytes) 38.jpg (38517 bytes)

Rugby Football Union Centenary 1871-1971 limited edition (one of 250) Spode plate in presentation case. The plate is 11" (28cm) in diameter.


36.jpg (202600 bytes) 35.jpg (153236 bytes)

Rugby Football Union Centenary 1871-1971 limited edition (one of 50) Spode bowl in presentation case. The bowl is 10" (25cm) in diameter.


00p.jpg (73525 bytes)

Israel Rugby union linen pennant.


Argentina Rugby union decorative knife with an Argentina RU badge on the sheaf, size 10.5 inches (26cm) long, in presentation box. 


10.jpg (46245 bytes)

Lesotho bottle opener in the shape of a rugby ball, unusual item.


27.jpg (184954 bytes)

Tycroes RFC 75th Jubilee 1911 - 1986 plate, 8" (21cm) diameter, the plate is designed and manufactured by M Griffith, Felingwm, Dyfed.


26.jpg (271088 bytes)

A limited edition (no 240 of 1000) pair of Welsh Rugby Union Centenary whisky tumblers in a presentation box.


19.jpg (206163 bytes)

Waunarlwydd RFC Jubliee 1900 - 1975 ornamental dragon 5" (12cm) across.


18.jpg (181870 bytes)

Swansea RFC Centenary 1873 - 1973 ornamental dragon 5" (12cm) across in, produced for the Swansea v WRU President's XV match with inscription to base.


22.jpg (54542 bytes)

Autographed (printed) goblet for an unknown rugby occasion, autographs include Watcyn Thomas, Jeff Butterfield, Clem Thomas, AM Rees, Rex Willis, H Carston-Catcheside, Vivian Jenkins & WH Clement, there are approx 20 autographs in total, 7" (18cm) high.


66.jpg (113528 bytes)

A set of 4 Scottish Rugby union centenary finger bowls contained in two boxes.


60.jpg (243455 bytes)

Neath Athletic RFC presentation plaque believed to have been awarded to WHC on a visit to the Neath Athletic clubhouse.


58.jpg (266464 bytes)

Llantwit Major RFC plaque, some light surface damage to the top portion.


34.jpg (221208 bytes)

Tonga RFU tour of Wales 1974 - an official wooden presentation plaque, hand sculptured from the Tongan tour of Wales in 1974. WHC was the secretary of the Welsh Rugby Union at the time of the tour. Size 20cm x 18cm 


32.jpg (228505 bytes)

Blaengarw RFC 50th Anniversay of membership to the WRU Ewenny pottery tankard.


30.jpg (179415 bytes)

CFC one pint tankard - possibly Crusaders FC - made in South Africa.


12.jpg (45520 bytes)

Burry Port RFC hand painted decorative slate with small hook to reverse.


09.jpg (38163 bytes)

Transvaal Rugby Union spoon & fork - stamped to reverse 'arden plate, England - Arthur Price, .


25.jpg (227671 bytes)

Welsh Rugby Union centenary half pint tankard. The tankard has a Welsh Rugby Union centenary crest, the photograph does not really do this item justice, the crest is nice and clear, the metal handle is rubbed but overall the tankard is .


53.jpg (57943 bytes) 55.gif (73096 bytes) 56.jpg (28355 bytes)

Welsh Centenary / Rugby Union stainless steel tray. This British Steel Company, stainless steel tray bears the Welsh Rugby Union coat of arms, it is unused and boxed. the total size including box is 19" x 10" (26cm x 49cm).       


Autographed programmes

09.jpg (62487 bytes) Wales v England 17 Jan 1981 Cardiff

signed to right of English rose

some light creasing
08.jpg (61359 bytes) Wales v Ireland 21 Feb 1981 Cardiff 

signed to the right of the Irish shamrock

small tear on the front cover
07.jpg (61805 bytes) Wales v President's XV

WHC - last match as secretary

25 Apr 1981 Cardiff 

signed just underneath 'President's XV'








051.jpg (280938 bytes)

Argentina - 9.5 cm 

  002.jpg (302590 bytes)

Australia -  8 cm 

001.jpg (305203 bytes)

Australia -  9.5 cm 

  004.jpg (265807 bytes)

Australia -  7.3 cm 

003.jpg (236632 bytes)

Australia -  6.5 cm - showing some signs of wear, overall it is in good condition

  141.jpg (410263 bytes)

British Lions - 10 cm 


133.jpg (302742 bytes)

British Lions - made by Forsyth - 9 cm 

  134.jpg (255601 bytes)

British Lions Golf society - made by Forsyth - 7 cm 

135.jpg (117468 bytes)

British Lions Bow Tie - 13 cm 


136.jpg (371462 bytes)

British Lions - made by Lillywhites - 10 cm 

168.jpg (340500 bytes)

Canada - 9 cm 

  154.jpg (250549 bytes)

Canada - Tour of Wales 1971 - 7 cm 

055.jpg (293143 bytes)

England - R.F.U Centenary 1971 - 7 cm 

  182.jpg (276859 bytes)

France - 1960s - 5.5 cm 

138.jpg (334684 bytes)

France - 9 cm 

  137.jpg (281026 bytes)

France - 8 cm 

189.jpg (229415 bytes)

Italy - 1960s - 6 cm 

  145.jpg (537095 bytes)

Italy - 12 cm - 1970s 

144.jpg (240574 bytes)

Italy - 8 cm 

  157.jpg (342678 bytes)

Hong Kong R.F.U - 10 cm 

082.jpg (335640 bytes)

Japan - 8 cm 

  083.jpg (260600 bytes)

Japan - 6.5 cm 

046.jpg (545114 bytes)

Japan Tour of Wales, England and France 1973 - 9 cm 

  047.jpg (500801 bytes)

Japan - 1976 Tour of England - 9.5 cm 

75.jpg (74573 bytes)

Japan - approx 1990s - 8.5 cm 

  043.jpg (385859 bytes)

Korean Rugby Union - 9.5 cm 

078.jpg (326107 bytes)

New Zealand - 10 cm 



080.jpg (291852 bytes)

New Zealand - 8 cm 

077.jpg (228512 bytes)

New Zealand - 5.5 cm 

  081.jpg (255882 bytes)

New Zealand 75th Anniversary - 8 cm 

079.jpg (274539 bytes)

New Zealand - 8 cm 

  149.jpg (323968 bytes)

Scotland Centenary 1873-1973 - 8.5 cm 

139.jpg (374974 bytes)

Romania - 12 cm 

  007.jpg (291382 bytes)

South Africa -  7 cm 

006.jpg (304833 bytes)

South Africa -  6.6 cm 

  191.jpg (247554 bytes)

South Africa Centenary 1889-1989 - 8 cm 

008.jpg (347485 bytes)

South Africa -  8.5 cm 


008.jpg (347485 bytes)

South Africa -  10.5 cm 

146.jpg (219303 bytes)

South Africa Centenary 1889-1989  - 8 cm 

  185.jpg (276702 bytes)

Tonga - Tonga Tour to England, Wales and Scotland 1974 - 10 cm 

084.jpg (217435 bytes)

Switzerland - 5 cm 


140.jpg (299236 bytes)

Wales - Welsh Rugby Union - 7.5 cm 

033.jpg (247603 bytes)

Welsh Players - 9 cm 


73.jpg (348888 bytes)

Welsh players 1980s - 8.5 cm 

74.jpg (53833 bytes)

Welsh Players - late 1970s 9 cm 

  142.jpg (218089 bytes)

Wales - Welsh Tour of Canada 1973 - 8 cm 

131.jpg (303818 bytes)

Wales - 10 cm 

  148.jpg (314904 bytes)

Wales Centenary 1881-1981 - 10 cm 

143.jpg (338417 bytes)

Wales - Welsh Tour of Japan 1975 - 10 cm 

  163.jpg (317293 bytes)

Welsh Rugby Union - 7.5 cm 

162.jpg (154511 bytes)

Wales Triple Crown - 7 cm 

  030.jpg (351603 bytes)

Wales - early 1970s - 7.5 cm 

171.jpg (457204 bytes)

Welsh Rugby Union Centenary 1881-1981 - 10 cm 

  032.jpg (340376 bytes)

Welsh Rugby Union -  early 1970s - 7.5 cm 

031.jpg (346316 bytes)

Wales - 1970s - 8.5 cm 

  033.jpg (247603 bytes)

Welsh Players 1970s - 7.5 cm 

037.jpg (358437 bytes)

Wales Triple Crown 1976-77-78 - 10 cm 

  035.jpg (464341 bytes)

Wales - 10.5 cm 

034.jpg (313586 bytes)

Wales - 7.5 cm - wire embroidered motif

  045.jpg (291667 bytes)

Wales - 1960s - 6.5 cm - showing signs of wear but overall it is in good condition 

036.jpg (287179 bytes)

Wales Triple Crown 1965 - 6 cm 



72.jpg (57954 bytes)

San Isidro - 9.5cm - in need of a small repair




005.jpg (211667 bytes)

Australian Referee -  6 cm 


  018.jpg (216677 bytes)

A.C.T -  5 cm 


161.jpg (217470 bytes)

New South Wales - 5.5 cm 


  71.jpg (64556 bytes)

New South Wales - 9 cm 

188.jpg (445041 bytes)

Sydney JRU - 12 cm 


  188.jpg (445041 bytes)

Sydney Junior R.U - 11.5 cm 


70.jpg (49651 bytes) Australia v Scotland & New Zealand, probably 1992  



55.jpg (49101 bytes) Barbarians - players tie - 8cm

76.jpg (349853 bytes)

Barbarians Centenary 1990, 8.5cm, excellent condition, 
085.jpg (272424 bytes)

Barbarians v Australia - date unknown - 8 cm 





014.jpg (244960 bytes)

London Irish? - 7 cm 


020.jpg (254987 bytes)

Harlequins - 6 cm 


158.jpg (284996 bytes)

England v Scotland - 7.5 cm 


175.jpg (377676 bytes)

London Welsh + NDSRFC - possibly a Tour Tie - 10 cm 


219.jpg (258575 bytes) Rugby FC - 7 cm    



012.jpg (419854 bytes)

Ireland R.F.U Centenary 1874-1974 -  10.5 cm 


165.jpg (294165 bytes)

Leinster Centenary 1879-1979 - 8 cm 

183.jpg (274499 bytes)

Leinster R.U - 6.5 cm 

042.jpg (516504 bytes)

Ulster - 11 cm 

56.jpg (30641 bytes) Irish Wolfhounds - 7cm



057.jpg (414903 bytes)

Nippon Steel Corp. R.F.U - 9 cm 




013.jpg (275823 bytes)

Wairarapa or Wellington Centenary 1879-1979 -  9 cm 

044.jpg (407289 bytes)

New Zealand Barbarians - 9 cm 

093.jpg (282377 bytes)

New Plymouth Old Boys RFC ?? - 9 cm 

095.jpg (348426 bytes)

Hawkes Bay RU - 10 cm 

096.jpg (225537 bytes)

South Canterbury RU - 6.5 cm 

098.jpg (211733 bytes)

Wellington Rugby Supporters Club - 8 cm 

056.jpg (368625 bytes)

Queen Elizabeth College Old Boys, Palmerston North, NZ - 10 cm 




052.jpg (493945 bytes)

Transvaal - 8 cm 

054.jpg (305735 bytes)

Eastern Province - 8.5 cm 

059.jpg (240666 bytes)

Border - 7 cm 

100.jpg (299955 bytes)

Natal - 8 cm 

150.jpg (268674 bytes)

Northern Transvaal - 10 cm 

156.jpg (309699 bytes)

Transvaal Centenary 1889-1989 - 8.5 cm 

179.jpg (260079 bytes)

Northern Transvaal / South Africa - 8.5 cm 

69.jpg (68253 bytes)

Loftus Versfeld (Northern Transvaal) opening 1977 - 11cm - good condition
68.jpg (67631 bytes)

Northern Transvaal / South Africa 40th anniversary - 10 cm 




011.jpg (233684 bytes)

Abergavenny R.F.C Centenary 1875-1975 -  7.5 cm 

177.jpg (330929 bytes)

Aberavon R.F.C Centenary 1876-1976 - 11 cm 

10.jpg (351907 bytes)

Blackwood ?? - 10 cm 

126.jpg (246973 bytes)

Unknown club Centenary 1983-1983  - 8.5 cm 


10-07.jpg (30569 bytes) Aberavon - 10cm 190.jpg (329092 bytes)

Cardiff R.F.C - 6.5 cm 

152.jpg (423915 bytes)

Christ College, Brecon - 10 cm 

091.jpg (300983 bytes)

Cross Keys RFC - 10 cm 

187.jpg (261478 bytes)

Cwmgwrach R.F.C - 7 cm 

184.jpg (286635 bytes)

Cwmgwrach R.F.C - 8.5 cm 

166.jpg (204805 bytes)

Cardiff R.F.C. Golf Day 1983 - 8 cm 


104.jpg (304271 bytes)

Felinfoel ?? - 8 cm 

009.jpg (335295 bytes)

Llanelli R.F.C Centenary 1872-1972 -  10 cm 

039.jpg (355815 bytes)

Llanelli Triple Cup Winners 1973-75-75 - 8.5 cm 

053.jpg (344097 bytes)

Llanelli - 7.5 cm 

178.jpg (251767 bytes)

Llanelli v NZ Players Tie - 7.5 cm 

172.jpg (380946 bytes)

Llanelli v NZ 1980 - 9.5 cm 

9-12.jpg (30540 bytes)

Llanelli v NZ 1972 25th anniversary dinner tie with score 9.5 cm 

67.jpg (63330 bytes)

Llanelli 1970s - 11 cm 

66.jpg (33768 bytes)

Llanelli RFC Golfing society - 7.5 cm 

65.jpg (56368 bytes)

RWC 1991 at Llanelli, Australia v Argentina  - 8 cm 

64.jpg (44864 bytes)

Llanelli Scarlets Welsh Champions 1992-3 - includes Schweppes Cup logo & Wallaby to signify Llanelli's triple season 8.5 cm 

63.jpg (48153 bytes)

Wales B v France B 1984 at Newport - the match was sponsored by the post office and the tie includes the Rodney Parade postcode, 7.5cm 62.jpg (59785 bytes) Llanelli v South Africa 1994 - 9cm
107.jpg (306548 bytes)

Llantwit Major RFC - 1960s - 7.5 cm 

106.jpg (336575 bytes)

Llantwit Major RFC - 9 cm 

108.jpg (228903 bytes)

Llantwit Major RFC Centenary 1889-1989 - 7 cm 

097.jpg (336072 bytes)

Maesteg RFC - 10 cm 

010.jpg (377875 bytes)

Merthyr R.F.C Centenary 1876-1976 -  10 cm 

099.jpg (222315 bytes)

Mid District RU - 7 cm 

169.jpg (287280 bytes)

Monmouthshire R.F.U - 7 cm 

103.jpg (285155 bytes)

Morganstown RFC - 10.5 cm 

102.jpg (404315 bytes)

Newbridge RFC - 11 cm 

153.jpg (330851 bytes)

Mumbles R.F.C - 8 cm 

017.jpg (320393 bytes)

Newport v Australia 1976 -  10 cm 

186.jpg (209860 bytes)

Newport Centenary 1974-5 - 8.5 cm 

087.jpg (267827 bytes)

Pontypridd RFC Vice President - 8 cm 

109.jpg (441059 bytes)

Ogmore Vale  RFC Centenary 1879-1979 - 11cm 

089.jpg (273029 bytes)

Pontypridd RFC - 7 cm - pure silk

088.jpg (352419 bytes)

Pontypridd RFC - 7.5 cm 

147.jpg (236929 bytes)

Porth Rugby Club - 9 cm 

090.jpg (254287 bytes)

Pontypridd RFC Centenary 1876-1976 - 8 cm 

092.jpg (299394 bytes)

Resolven RFC Centenary 1885-86 - 1985-86 - 7.5 cm 

132.jpg (258386 bytes)

Porthcawl RFC - 7 cm 

105.jpg (393083 bytes)

Seven Sisters RFC - 10 cm 


050.jpg (427297 bytes)

Schweppes WRU Cup - 10 cm 

167.jpg (343751 bytes)

Swansea R.F.C - 8 cm 

151.jpg (205465 bytes)

South Wales Institute of Groundsmanship 1952-1977 - 11 cm 

094.jpg (397490 bytes)

Treorchy RFC  ??- 10 cm 

155.jpg (286374 bytes)

Swansea R.F.C - 7 cm 

086.jpg (374128 bytes)

Tumble RFC - 10 cm 

019.jpg (428040 bytes)

Voyager R.F.C -  9 cm 

016.jpg (303309 bytes)

Wales v Australia 1973 -  8 cm 

61.jpg (63026 bytes) Wales - a tie with the shape of Wales as the motif, of unknown origin, found regularly in the collections of Welsh internationals, circa late 1970s - 10.5cm
041.jpg (267019 bytes)

Wales v New Zealand 1980 Centenary Match - 8 cm 


170.jpg (253452 bytes)

Wales v NZ 1989 - 8 cm 

173.jpg (295827 bytes)

Wales Triple Triple Crown 1976-77-78 - 11 cm 

180.jpg (196798 bytes)

Wales - 1971 Grand Slam - 7.5 cm 

038.jpg (347278 bytes)

Welsh Schools - 8.5 cm 

049.jpg (346682 bytes)

WRU - Pro - Am Golf Tournament - maroon - 7.5 cm 

176.jpg (310777 bytes)

Ystradgynlais R.F.C - 8 cm 

60.jpg (57267 bytes) Welsh Division, British Army - 9cm
59.jpg (22403 bytes)

WRU - Pro - Am Golf Tournament - navy - 9 cm

27.jpg (36877 bytes) WRU Celebrity - Amateur Golf Tournament, navy/green - 8.5cm
57.jpg (40296 bytes) Institute of Groundsmanship - South Wales - 8cm - very good condition 58.jpg (47369 bytes) WRU Celebrity - Amateur Golf Tournament, maroon - 7.5cm



The Welsh Academicals Rugby Club was established in 1927 in the mining community of Mountain Ash, deep in the Cynon Valley of South Wales.

Despite the severe economic depression of the time, great sacrifices were made to allow students to reach their full potential, both academically and also on the rugby field. Aware of the difficulties often faced by university students in playing a high standard of rugby, a school caretaker by the name of Jimmy Austin formed a team of his former pupils and other students, which was christened the 'Welsh Academicals'.

At the time, the local Mountain Ash team was a major force in rugby, with Welsh internationals in its line up and a five year unbeaten ground record. But Austin's belief in the ability of the students gave him the courage to challenge the local team to a match that attracted tremendous interest in the area, and to the amazement of all and sundry the students emerged victorious and began a famous tradition in student rugby.

For the subsequent 80 seasons the 'Accies', as they have become known, have continued this ethos of providing experiences to Wales' top student rugby players which has assisted their development towards greater honours.

information courtesy of Welsh Academicals website 


067.jpg (363976 bytes)

Welsh Academicals 70th anniversary 1997 tie - 8.5 cm 


068.jpg (305646 bytes)

Welsh Academicals golf day tie - red with thin yellow stripes - 8 cm 

47.jpg (46108 bytes)

Welsh Academicals tie, 8.5cm - 

46.jpg (40052 bytes)

Welsh Academicals golf day tie,  gold colour thin stripe & motif - 7.5cm - 

216.jpg (388537 bytes)

Welsh Academicals golf day tie - turquoise with yellow stripes - 8.5 cm

48.jpg (47163 bytes)

Welsh Academicals tie - 10cm - 
217.jpg (589229 bytes) Welsh Academicals Golf Day Tie - Baby Blue - 10 cm   211.jpg (255548 bytes) Welsh Academicals Golf Day Tie - Navy with yellow stripes - 8 cm



160.jpg (335575 bytes)

British Columbia R.U - 8.5 cm 

040.jpg (387086 bytes)

Hong Kong v Wales 1975 - 9 cm 


164.jpg (420652 bytes)

Five Nations - 10 cm 

192.jpg (347283 bytes)

Ontario Regiment Tanks - 7 cm 


015.jpg (296882 bytes)

Seychelles R.F.C -  8.2 cm 

181.jpg (149384 bytes)

Scotland Centenary 1873-1973 - 7.5 cm 


212.jpg (270571 bytes)

Cricket - Schweppes Champions Gillette Cup Winners 1980 - possibly Middlesex - 8.5 cm


159.jpg (307935 bytes)

Schweppeshire C.C.C -10 cm 




021.jpg (386855 bytes) Unknown - green tie with a yellow and red dragon holding a white rugby ball which says 75 on it. there are two Chinese symbols underneath the ball - far east origin - 9.5 cm 022.jpg (312063 bytes) B.R.F.C - 8cm - owl logo - 
025.jpg (314136 bytes) Unknown - green tie with the design of a leek and the welsh dragon spread across the tie - welsh origin - 8cm excellent condition 026.jpg (255240 bytes) Unknown - green tie with a badge which has a welsh dragon in the middle, it also has white and yellow stripes - welsh origin - possibly Sports Council for Wales - 6cm
029.jpg (439482 bytes) Unknown - green tie with large white and red stripes - made in England - 8.5 cm 058.jpg (293410 bytes)

Unknown club tie CRUFC, probably an English club prancing pony motif - 6.5 cm 

061.jpg (177210 bytes)

Unknown red tie possibly connected to SARU 75th jubilee - 7 cm 

062.jpg (474081 bytes)

Unknown tie - red, unknown motif - originated from New Zealand - 10 cm 

065.jpg (486250 bytes)

Unknown tie - red, Welsh and England players spread across the tie, with leek motif on a ball - 10.5 cm 

066.jpg (429093 bytes)

Unknown tie - ship & person motif - 10.5 cm 

069.jpg (349897 bytes)

Unknown tie - red, leek motif, possibly Crawshay's Welsh XV - 6 cm 

070.jpg (383000 bytes)

Unknown golf tie - red, large V motif with LGC written inside it - 10 cm 

073.jpg (256553 bytes)

Unknown tie - red with white stripes unknown motif but looks to have golf clubs included - 7 cm 

074.jpg (447461 bytes)

Unknown tie - red with blue stripes - pure silk, possibly Crawshay's Welsh XV  - 10 cm 

113.jpg (310229 bytes)

Unknown Tie - black - lady in a dress yellow motif - 6.5 cm 

114.jpg (257819 bytes)

Unknown Golf Tie - black with blue stripes - probably Cardiff Athletic Golfing Society - 7 cm 

117.jpg (221269 bytes)

Unknown Tie - black with red and white stripes - 3 symbols, song book, dragon & bishop's mitre - 6.5 cm 

118.jpg (229133 bytes)

Unknown club centenary tie - black with red and yellow stripes - 1874-1974 - unknown coat of arms - 8.5 cm 

121.jpg (257484 bytes)

Unknown Tie - black - with a motif which is red winged dragon or griffin - 7.5 cm 

122.jpg (385886 bytes)

Unknown Tie - black with red and white stripes - unknown motif which includes 3 feathers - 10 cm 

125.jpg (428254 bytes)

Unknown Tie - black with red, blue, white and yellow stripes - 10 cm 

130.jpg (261642 bytes)

Unknown tie - black with thin green stripes and cross keys motif - 7 cm 

129.jpg (310569 bytes)

Unknown Tie - black with a thin green stripe and cross keys motif - 9 cm 

209.jpg (284077 bytes) Unknown tie - Chinese dragon logo - Navy with light blue stripes - unknown motif - 7 cm
193.jpg (360336 bytes) Navy tie with Wales motif - 9 cm 194.jpg (322565 bytes) Unknown tie - Navy - unknown bird motif - 7 cm
197.jpg (319062 bytes) Unknown Tie - Navy - unknown motif which is a deer with a crown, underneath -  possibly Newbury - 8 cm


198.jpg (248779 bytes) Unknown Tie - Navy with light blue stripes - unknown motif - 7 cm
201.jpg (278084 bytes) Unknown Tie - Navy - unknown tiger motif - 11 cm


202.jpg (266875 bytes) NRFC - Navy - unknown club side a dragon with a white rugby ball - 9 cm
205.jpg (371368 bytes) Unknown Tie - Navy - unknown motif - 9 cm 206.jpg (371742 bytes) Unknown Tie - Navy - unknown green motif similar to a shamrock - 9 cm
213.jpg (283151 bytes) Unknown Tie - Navy - unknown motif - 8 cm 214.jpg (350034 bytes) Unknown Tie - Blue - unknown motif, with the numbers 1 1 2 written inside - 7 cm - good condition
221.jpg (344340 bytes) Unknown tie - NDS - Navy with white stripes - unknown motif - 7.5 cm 218.jpg (221363 bytes) Unknown Tie, probably French - Navy with yellow stripes, cockerel motif in background - GWF initials on the bottom - 8 cm
225.jpg (334423 bytes) Unknown Tie - Navy - unknown standing lion or chinese dragon motif - 9 cm - good condition 222.jpg (282773 bytes) Unknown navy colour tie - bird motif - 8.5 cm - showing signs of wear but overall in good condition
023.jpg (398711 bytes) Unknown - green tie with coat of arms and with four white stripes. - 11.4 cm 226.jpg (298329 bytes) Unknown golf tie - navy with yellow stripes - LVGC initials -  which is slightly worn - 9 cm - good condition
027.jpg (362465 bytes)  Unknown - green tie with white and red stripes - all silk - 8cm  

024.jpg (356904 bytes)

Three feathers motif tie with red and white stripes and the 3 Feathers design spread across the tie. - of welsh origin - 7.5 cm
060.jpg (350304 bytes)

Unknown tie, feather motif - 8 cm 


028.jpg (325951 bytes)

Unknown - green tie with red stripes - origin Ireland - 7.5 cm
063.jpg (194025 bytes)

Unknown -  C.C.A.C 75th anniversary - red, - 7 cm 


128.jpg (309497 bytes)

Unknown Tie - black with white stripes - motif with a building - 9 cm 

071.jpg (284468 bytes)

Unknown tie - red, unknown motif - 7.5 cm 


064.jpg (280076 bytes)

Unknown tie - red, looks to be military - 7.5 cm - origin Wales 

075.jpg (267633 bytes)

Unknown tie probably Cardiff - burgundy - early 1960s unknown motif - 5.5 cm 


072.jpg (376534 bytes)

Unknown tie - red with black stripes, unknown motif - origin Tokyo- 8.5 cm 

115.jpg (186699 bytes)

Unknown Tie - black with a few red and white stripes - unknown red and white motif similar to Pontypool RFC coat of Arms - 6.5 cm 


   076.jpg (250034 bytes)

Unknown tie - red, - early 1960s has a daffodil on the front - possibly related to Glamorgan county cricket 6 cm 

119.jpg (301636 bytes)

Unknown Tie - black with white stripes - unknown motif, a rams head - 8 cm 


116.jpg (256380 bytes)

Unknown Tie - black - laurel leaf motif with W written inside it - 7.5 cm 


123.jpg (370270 bytes)

Unknown Tie - black with white stripes - unknown motif with PYRU (PY Rugby Union) written underneath it - 9.5 cm 


120.jpg (308867 bytes)

Unknown Tie - black with red and white stripes - 7.5 cm 

210.jpg (457413 bytes) Unknown Tie - Navy - unknown Tiger motif - 10 cm  

124.jpg (282559 bytes)

black tie with lion motif - unknown origin - 7 cm 

195.jpg (246167 bytes) Unknown Tie - Navy with light blue and yellow stripes - 7 cm  

196.jpg (260887 bytes)

Unknown Tie - Navy - unknown motif, a shield with yellow outline, and red and white inside - 7 cm
199.jpg (241111 bytes) Unknown Tie - Navy - unknown motif - 6.5 cm - good condition  

200.jpg (250242 bytes)

Unknown rugby club tie - navy - unknown motif, with H H written inside it - 7 cm
203.jpg (263494 bytes) Quin & Bull - unknown origin - 8 cm  

204.jpg (306676 bytes)

BRFC Centenary - unknown club - 1879-1979 - 10 cm
207.jpg (305146 bytes) Unknown Tie - HHSOB (H ? High School Old Boys)  - 8 cm  

208.jpg (297378 bytes)

Unknown navy tie with coast of arms, possibly Welsh - 10 cm
215.jpg (288059 bytes) Tie of unknown origin - Wales are going down under to New Zealand - Navy - 8 cm  

220.jpg (200965 bytes)

Unknown Tie - Navy - unknown motif - 7.5 cm - it is a little bit frayed at the bottom overall in good condition
223.jpg (326566 bytes) Navy tie with billy goats head motif - 9.5 cm - showing signs of wear overall in good condition   

224.jpg (178661 bytes)

Unknown tie made in France - possibly international or representative related worn on the edges - 5 cm


227.jpg (303580 bytes) Unknown tie - Navy - unknown motif of Welsh origin - 10.5 cm  

228.jpg (264819 bytes)

Unknown tie - navy - looks to be Rotary club related with the letter P in the centre of the motif - 8.5 cm
110.jpg (227773 bytes)

Unknown tie - possibly Germany?? - 7 cm 

  111.jpg (300509 bytes)

BRFC tie - unknown origin - 8 cm 

112.jpg (394115 bytes)

Unknown players tie - black with yellow stripes - unknown motif with the XV written underneath - 9.5 cm 

127.jpg (271840 bytes)

LRFC - 'the saint' logo - 8 cm 

53.jpg (66619 bytes)

Unknown tie made by Alec Brook, London - 10cm -  54.jpg (67506 bytes) Unknown 'pirates skull and cross bones' motif tie - 10cm - 


52.jpg (61827 bytes)

Unknown tie - 9.5cm - one very small stain to front. 51.jpg (20348 bytes) Unknown 1970s navy tie with a single motif - 10cm - in very good condition

49.jpg (33199 bytes)

Unknown 1970s bottle green single motif tie - 10cm - 

43.jpg (60328 bytes)

Unknown tie by Calders of Cardiff & Swansea - 10cm - 

42.jpg (39241 bytes)

Unknown golf club tie made in Wales, probably Cardiff Athletic Golfing Society - 9cm - 


41.jpg (23600 bytes)

Plain black tie suitable for funerals - wool - 7.5cm - 

41.jpg (23600 bytes)

Plain black tie suitable for funerals - polyester - 6.5cm - 

048.jpg (462013 bytes)

Korean R.F.U ??? - 10 cm 



Ireland tie pin by Stratton, boxed,  IRB tie pin, boxed, detached - please see illustration.
Llanelli RFC tie pin, boxed.    



65-10.jpg (99400 bytes) 90.jpg (608584 bytes) 91.jpg (604370 bytes)

Please click on the above thumbnails to view an article about Bill Clement in the October 1965 edition issue of Rugby World. 


00b.jpg (17064 bytes)


00a.jpg (17098 bytes)

Ireland pin - sterling silver

89.jpg (7655 bytes)

ASRFC - unknown club badge


88.jpg (5900 bytes)

Llanelli RFC Supporters Club 1992-3

76.jpg (8025 bytes)

'Committee' - believed to be Welsh Rugby Union 

86.jpg (7126 bytes)

Territorial Army button hole badge

Minneapolis City of Lakes

82.jpg (9444 bytes)

Brantford, Ontario

77.jpg (13796 bytes)

Bethlehem Bowling Club

81.jpg (15854 bytes)

Bloemfontein (S Africa) Bowling Club

80.jpg (14264 bytes)

Southern Free State S Africa) Bowling Association

79.jpg (16517 bytes)

Rhiwbina (Cardiff) Bowling Club 

78.jpg (13159 bytes)

Cardiff Athletic Club, Bowls

Enamel badge of far eastern origin. Boxed
Ayfreco Cua-acatu 1924 - unknown badge, very probably eastern European. Silver coloured badge, Kruger Park stamped on reverse, possibly from the 1938 Lions tour. 
24.jpg (11621 bytes) Bill Clement name badge, Wales v England, date unknown.    



00j.jpg (38039 bytes)

New Zealand, on card

00i.jpg (16676 bytes)

Queensland Rugby Union

00h.jpg (21010 bytes)


00g.jpg (24788 bytes)

Northern Transvaal

00f.gif (82643 bytes)


00e.jpg (46934 bytes)

Queen Elizabeth College Old Boys, Palmerston North, NZ - cufflinks and enamel lapel badge 

00c.gif (22185 bytes)

Crusaders RFC, South Africa 

00d.jpg (17933 bytes)


91.gif (15575 bytes)

Wales - navy

90.gif (16909 bytes)


92.gif (20390 bytes)

Australia Rugby Union

93.jpg (22126 bytes)

Tonga tie pin in original unopened packaging

Northern Transvaal, Loftus Versfeld 1977, boxed.  South Africa, boxed
Ireland, sterling silver, unused, boxed. 

Rugby ball cufflinks by Beau Brummel fine jewellery, made in France - unused - boxed
Unknown cufflinks, boxed Australia, cufflink set and badge
Set of Japanese cufflinks & tie pin, possibly presented to Bill on the 1975 tour, boxed Western Province, South Africa cufflinks, boxed
Tiger cufflinks, origin unknown, boxed Tiger cufflinks, origin unknown, boxed (no lid)
Transvaal Rugby Union, 9 ct gold, weight 23 grams    



94.jpg (60701 bytes)

Hong Kong keyring - in original packaging.


95.gif (69477 bytes)

Nuneaton RFC Centenary

96.gif (36389 bytes)


87.jpg (9753 bytes)

British Army major's uniform crown

97.gif (61425 bytes)

84.jpg (55665 bytes)

Unknown boxed medallion looks to be of German origin 

85.jpg (65871 bytes)

Welsh Rugby Union Centenary Year medallion - in plastic casing

Ville de Nantes medallion, 'SPORTS' on reverse, 5cm diameter 'The Bargate, City of Southampton', solid nickel silver medallion, 5cm diameter, boxed.
26.jpg (15173 bytes) Rugby Club Grivita Rosie, Romania, medallion, 5cm diameter, boxed. The Wilderspool Centre, Inaugual member & life member 1972 medallion, diameter 5cm, boxed
Bridgend Centenary napkins, 2 napkin rings, boxed, the box looks to hold 4 so possibly this is an incomplete set. 25.jpg (196340 bytes) New Zealand Rugby Union, set of 6 laminated hardboard coasters.
20.jpg (16985 bytes) Welsh Rugby Union keyring, boxed Wales pendant, inscription below 3 feathers reads "gwell andauna chywil ydd" boxed
22.jpg (15529 bytes) Kiwi keyring. 23.jpg (63203 bytes) Welsh Games (athletics) cloth badge, in package, 9cm x 10cm, date unknown 
14.jpg (135430 bytes) 6 coasters relating to the All Blacks tour of Wales in 1980, one each for the matches on the tour v Swansea, Llanelli, Cardiff, Newport & Wales and a custom printed coaster " Thank you for your hospitality, gordon Steele, Napier, NZ.     



Bill Clement (handling paper, neat as rugby balls)

Came he whence from Bennettstown, some call it Felinfoel

A very fine player long left the field, behind a desk to toil

Llanelli, Wales South African Lion, then came an injured knee 

Fortunately perhaps, for the Welsh RU, the path of Secret'ry

A winger most unusual with his manual dexterity 

Playing on left or right, a splendid sight to see

A soldier of distinction, this Major with MC

Twice wounded in the conflict, the untold gallantry

Now handling all the paperwork, as neat as Rugby balls

Always polite and courteous, despite the many calls

Thank you Mr Clement, for your application to the task

And as for my OWN application - one Ticket all I ask!             

The above poem appeared in the book 'And The Tanker Spent A Comfortable Night' by Tom Bellion. A book of poems relating to Welsh rugby in the 1970s, illustrated by the legendary Gren.

 (not part of the Bill Clement collection) 



40-whc.jpg (190652 bytes)

Welsh Schools Rugby Union silver plated presentation tray to Bill Clement - inscribed "WSRU Intermediate Group WH Clement OBE MC TD JP - Welsh Rugby Union - 1956 - 1981 - In Appreciation", total size 22" x 14" -  (57cm x 35cm). There is some tarnishing to the tray which also looks to have some wear near the inscription.  


54.jpg (82654 bytes)

Welsh Rugby Union National Squad wicker tray, a presentation tray to Bill Clement - with small plaque fixed inscribed "W Clement MC TD JP - The Welsh Rugby Union - 1956 - 1981 - In gratitude for services to rugby from Llantwit Major RFC. There is some discolouration to the border of the print which is the standard 1975-6 welsh squad poster, total size 15" x 12" -  (36cm x 31cm).  


Italian Rugby Union presentation plaque to Bill Clement - inscribed "A WH Clement - IL Presidente - della Federazione Italiana Rugby - Cardiff 14-4-1978, total size including box 9 x 7" (22cm x 18cm) boxed. 


A large pressed metal presentation disc of Palazzo Dei Trecent Treviso with inscribed plaque beneath 'THANK YOU BILL - September 1980 - A.S. Benetton Rugby Treviso - Italy,  the disc is  but could do with a polish. This item is housed in a presentation box. Total size including box 10" x 8" (25cm x 20cm)  


13.jpg (75293 bytes)

Sterling Silver miniature plate inscribed 'Radyr Golf Club Captain's Prize 1962 - presumably awarded to Bill Clement, 5" (12cm) diameter.


06.jpg (50504 bytes)

A rugby figurine on a marble base with inscribed plaque "presented to Mr WH Clement O.B.E, T.D., J.P. - secretary Welsh Rugby Union 1956-1981 - by WSRU Junior Group 1981", 13cm high.


15.jpg (40596 bytes)

English pewter 'Jefferson cup' inscribed "Welsh Rugby Union Centenary 1980 from Ed Lee, some light scratching throughout. 


16.jpg (50894 bytes)

One English pewter pint tankard inscribed "WH Clement in appreciation Rugby Writers Club 12th Feb 1981". Some light tarnishing throughout. 


17.jpg (60958 bytes)

One English pewter pint tankard inscribed "Phoenix Hotels - Runner Up 1988". small dent to the front. 


57.jpg (211047 bytes)

Northern Transvaal - Loftus Versfeld 1977 opening plaque with 'B Clement' name plate, .


55.jpg (109313 bytes)

South African Rugby Board 1981 presentation to Bill Clement. A group of 5 elephants on plith with plaque attached reading 'Bill Clement - thanks for everything - SA Rugby Board 30.4.81.


51.jpg (284485 bytes)

Seven Sisters RFC presentation to Bill Clement 1979 plaque with inscription 

"W.H.Clement Esq. M.C., T.D., J.P. - Ysgrifennydd Undeb Rygbi Cymru - 'In appreciation for outstanding service to Welsh Rugby, at club and national level over many years - Gyda Serch Oddiwrth - Clwb Rygbi Blaendulais. Size 9" x 7" (23cm x 18cm) .


42.jpg (237221 bytes)

Presentation 6" carriage clock, with small inscribed plaque to the top "presented to WH Clement Esq OBE by the Merit table Clubs for his contribution to Welsh Rugby. There is a pin missing from the handle and we don't think the clock is working.


39.jpg (63008 bytes)

8" (20cm) diameter 'hard soldered' salver with 3 feet presented 'To Bill from his friends at Cardiff HSOB 1.5.81.


23.jpg (80526 bytes)

A 12" (30cm) presentation salver incsribed "To Bill Clement - To commemorate 25 years secretary W.R.U presented by Alex Stuart, Gower Sports.  


00y.gif (323035 bytes)

Glamorgan Wanderers presentation salver to Mr WH Clement O.B.E May 1981. A very nice salver of unknown metal , 12" (30cm) in diameter.


08.jpg (28657 bytes) 07.jpg (66223 bytes)

A sterling silver cigarette case inscribed "Presented to Mr WH Clement - Welsh international 1937 by the Llanelly Rugby Supporters Club .


29.jpg (270379 bytes) 00z.gif (197212 bytes) 00x.gif (142662 bytes)

Cardiff v New Zealand 1953 victory silver jubillee tankard presented to bill Clement. The tankard has the NZ fern and Cardiff coat of arms on opposite sides with the inscription 'Silver Jubilee 1953-1978 - W.H. Clement. A one pint tankard.


20.jpg (106061 bytes)

A presentation bowl on a base, the bowl which is probably stainless steel is inscribed "presented to - W.H. BILL CLEMENT - O.B.E., M.C., T.D., J.P. - in recognition of his services to Welsh Rugby - From all members of the West Wales Rugby Union".The bowl measures 9" (22cm) high and 9" (22cm) diameter.


04.jpg (85209 bytes)  02.jpg (85652 bytes) 01.jpg (194433 bytes)

A 7" (18cm) diameter bowl by Caithness Engraving inscribed 'presented to WH Clement - Secretary of the Welsh Rugby Union - 1956 - 1981 by Rothmans of Pall Mall Ltd". The bowl is contained in a presentation case.


B-16.jpg (42041 bytes) "LOFTUS VERSFELD" (Pretoria, South Africa) by Joan Swiegers (Editor)

Ground in Pretoria, South Africa, text in English/Afrikaans, a second-hand hardback with dust wrapper in good condition 

1st Edition: 1977 Pages: 80 


bbs.jpg (36461 bytes) "The Barbarians" by Nigel Starmer-Smith 
A comprehensive history of the Barbarian club from it's origins to 1977. A second hand hardback in very good condition
1st edition 1977 240 pages


Fields of Dreams.jpg (41334 bytes) WALES - "Fields of Praise" by David Smith & Gareth Williams 
The official history of the Welsh Rugby Union. A monumental work, Smith and Williams are professional historians and the amount of research that has gone into this work is mind boggling, includes detailed chapters on the origin of rugby, a second-hand hardback with dust wrapper in good condition
1st Edition: 1980 Pages:  505


41.jpg (54936 bytes) WALES - "The Illustrated History of Welsh Rugby" by JBG Thomas
a chronicle of Welsh rugby. Some great photographs accompany JBG's in depth commentary, a second-hand hardback with dust wrapper in good condition. 

SIGNED COPY - "To Bill - A friend of many years, sincerely JBG" also signed to the title page "JBG Thomas"

1st Edition: 1980 Pages: 256 


33.jpg (59429 bytes) "I Was There" by Max Boyce
Poems, stories & songs from the Welsh Maestro, includes the words to Max Boyce's classics "The Outside half Factory", Asso Asso Yogoshi", "Hymns & Arias", "The Incredible Plan", "9 3". Lavishly illustrated with cartoons by Gren, this  book is a classic. If you are Welsh and this book is not in your library you do not want to spend another minute without it. A secondhand hardback with illustrated boards in good condition. 

SIGNED COPY - "To Bill with all best wishes from Max"

1st Edition: 1979 Pages: 92


80.jpg (37587 bytes) WALES - "Can Llwyddiant" golygydd Royston James, 
Well illustrated Welsh rugby miscellany, text in Welsh, a second-hand hardback with a dust wrapper in good condition. 

SIGNED COPY - A lengthy inscription in English & Welsh by the author dated 14th March 1981. 

1st Edition: 1981 330 pages


Wales-Try.jpg (116799 bytes) WALES

"TRY" - An Anthology to celebrate the WRU Centenary 1881-1981

Rugby writings, a miscellany of Welsh Rugby history, great articles on the history of Welsh Rugby, a second-hand paperback in good condition
1st Edition: 1980 Pages: 104



"A History of the Cardiff High School Old Boys Rugby Football Club 1929 - 1978" by Gwyn Prescott

Sub-titled "The Best and happiest Team" this is an illustrated history with a very good statistical section.

Published in 1978

Pages: 80


The Swansea Story.jpg (44053 bytes) SWANSEA - "THE SWANSEA STORY by Brinley E Matthews"
Swansea were the first Welsh club side to defeat all three major touring teams, Australia, New Zealand & South Africa, a second-hand hardback with minor tears to dust wrapper.
1st Edition:  1968 Pages:  102


14.jpg (52857 bytes) 14b.jpg (59110 bytes) 14c.jpg (67949 bytes)

"Rugby Football" by DR Gent
The second book by Gloucester & England scrum half Dai Gent, although also called "Rugby Football" as is his 1922 book this is a not an updated version or a reprint, it is a completely different book. It's still mostly coaching, but it also draws on the reminiscences of Gent's playing career in more detail, a second-hand hardback without dust wrapper. 
This edition: 1933 Pages: 224


90.jpg (48135 bytes) "Rugby" - a Hamlet Sports Special 
A look at rugby history, the players and the teams, an informative read, a second-hand paperback  in good condition
1st Edition: 1982 Pages:  96


76.jpg (53367 bytes) "It Takes All Sports" compiled by Jonathan Green and Don Atyeo with an introduction by Bill Beaumont
Bats, Balls and Sporting Boobs, stories of amazing sporting feats, a marvellous read, includes some rugby stories, a second-hand paperback in good condition, 


published in 1986 128 pages


39.jpg (60905 bytes) "Rugby - A Way of Life" by Smith-Starmer
large format - illustrated history of rugby, a second-hand paperback with dust wrapper in good condition
1st Edition: 1987 Pages: 112


38.jpg (32515 bytes) "Best Rugby Stories" by Wallace Reyburn
a second-hand hardback with dust wrapper in good condition
1st Edition: 1968 Pages: 173


14.jpg (40672 bytes) "Rugby; Men, Matches & Moments" by JBG Thomas
This book is broken into 5 parts, The Administrators, The Matches, The Teams, The Players & The Press, each section deaals with approx 10 subjects. A great read with some excellent biographical chapters, eg Tommy Vile, Walter Rees, Jack Siggins & Glyn Hughes

SIGNED COPY - "To Bill - There are some real characters in this book - sincerely JBG - Nov 1970" 

1st Edition: 1970 Pages: 224


"A Sporting Century 1863 - 1963" by Anne Pallent
This book focuses on the athletics, cricket and rugby careers of Anne Pallent's grandfather George Pallent Butcher and father Ted Butcher, well illustrated with memorabilia from their careers, a previously unseen publication, a secondhand paperback in good condition - 

SIGNED COPY - "(To) WH Clement - a friend of father with kind regards Anne Pallent Butcher" 

1st Edition: 1997 Pages: 192


02.jpg (45000 bytes)

"The Lions On Trek" by JBG Thomas, 207 page book, coverage of the 1955 Lions tour, the first of many tours by JBG. small piece missing from the top of the dust wrapper. 

SIGNED COPY - "To Bill - with all good wishes for a happy career and our continued friendship - sincerely - JBG Thomas - March 1956" 



01.jpg (41068 bytes)

"Lions At Bay" by JBG Thomas - very rare post tour book of the 1966 Lions tour. some light wear to the dust wrapper. 

SIGNED COPY - "To WHC - best wishes - sincerely - JBG - Cardiff Dec 1966"



1977 BOOK Lions Down Under.jpg (29313 bytes)

"Lions Down Under" published immediately after the tour, this is the account of the tour by John Reason, the rugby correspondent of the Daily Telegraph. 


jvn02.jpg (53654 bytes)

1977 BOOK "The Long Lost Tour" by Barry John & Graham Thorne, 1977, 135pp, paperback . 



Wales & British Lions

Bennett-Phil.jpg (64769 bytes)

"Everywhere for Wales" - An Autobiography with Martyn Williams

Great Welsh fly half, captain of the 1977 Lions. A second-hand hardback with dust wrapper in good condition. 

SIGNED COPY "Best Wishes - Phil Bennett"  

1st Edition 1981 Pages   176



Wales & British Lions

07.jpg (35388 bytes)

"An Autobiography" Wales & Lions winger

Legendary Welsh wing who scored a record number of tries. A second-hand hardback with dust wrapper in good condition - 

WH Clement signature and address on inside page

 1st Edition 1979 Pages 160 


Willie John McBRIDE

Ireland & British Lions

23.jpg (39611 bytes)

"Willie John" by Edmund Van Esbek

Ireland and British Lions (1974) captain. One of the greatest players of all time, a second-hand hardback without a dust wrapper.

SIGNED COPY "To Welsh RFU - Best Wishes Willie John McBride"  

1st Edition 1976 Pages 160




34.jpg (46504 bytes)

"Rugger in the Blood" - autobiography of JBG Thomas

memoirs of leading Welsh journalist, a second-hand hardback with dust wrapper in good condition. 

SIGNED COPY "To Bill and Madge - in appreciation of 30 years of friendship on and off the field - sincerely Bryn - Cardiff 1986" also signed to title page "JBG Thomas"


1st Edition 1985 Pages 256


B-10.jpg (50368 bytes)  "Rugby For Beginners" by Ray Williams
The basics by Wales' 1970s coaching guru, a second-hand hardback with d/w in good condition. 

SIGNED COPY - "To Bill Clement with best wishes from Ray Williams - June 1973"

this edition 1974 Pages: 122


43.jpg (76988 bytes)

"Heard in the Scrum" edited by Robert Anderson

second-hand hardback with light damage to edges of the dust wrapper
1st edition 1964 pages 120


25.jpg (42863 bytes)

"Even Courser Rugby" by Michael Green

Follow up to the popular "Art of Course Rugby" by the same author, a second-hand hardback with dust wrapper in good condition
1st Edition: 1963 Pages: 120


11.jpg (96304 bytes)

"Boots Balls and Banter" edited by David Parry-Jones

A collection of amusing rugby stories. Illustrated by Gren. A secondhand hardback .
published in 1982 Pages: 88


22.jpg (36516 bytes)

"The Wit of Rugby" by LHW Paine

Humorous quotes and stories from rugby history, a second-hand hardback with dust wrapper in good condition, includes 5 small cards containing handwritten notes for speeches.
1st Edition: 1972 Pages: 95


64.jpg (121763 bytes)  

Centenary Celebrity Cricket Match at Gowerton between a Gowerton Cricket XI captained by cricket commentator Edward Bevan and a Welsh Rugby Union Cricket XI which includes Chico Hopkins, Phil Bennett, John D Bevan, Max Boyce, & Jeff Squire. The programme has a slight crease. 


p-09.jpg (53290 bytes)

Centenary International Soccer Match - An A4, 28 page programme for this match between a Welsh International Soccer XI (including Toshack, Len & Ivor Allchurch, Mike England, Alan Durban, Terry Medwin, & Leighton James, and a Welsh International Rugby XI (including Gareth Edwards, JJ & JPR Williams, John Taylor, John Bevan, Phil Bennett & Gerald Davies. The programme has a crease down the centre. 


zy_0165.JPG (65598 bytes)

Western Mail / WOS & SW Echo - 1999 rugby World Cup pre tournament guide, a large format 80 page publication, 


62.jpg (162816 bytes)

Wales 2000 - a Western Mail publication looking into the new millennium, an interesting look at the state of the nation, 34 pages. 


63.jpg (194704 bytes)

Dragon News magazine, issue No 2, December 1996



WRU Centenary - Max Boyce concert


Held at the New Theatre in Cardiff on the 6th December 1980 the proceeds of this concert were in aid of the 'WRU Charitable Trust Centenary Appeal'. The trust was first constituted in 1972, it's aims are wide ranging but the priorities are to give benefit to players who have been injured and to develop the game amongst the young people of Wales.  

The concert itself, compered by the great Cliff Morgan, described as 'outside-half mecurial, included the St Alban's band, made famous by Max, 'Tuxedo Bay' a group of BBC TV and radio personalities, CliffJones the clog dancer and of course Max Boyce himself, described as 'outside half - failed

  66.jpg (108527 bytes) 65.jpg (117631 bytes) 61.jpg (251707 bytes) 60.jpg (184531 bytes) 59.jpg (432144 bytes)

Part of the World Rugby Museum collection is Bill Clement's programme for this concert signed to the front cover 'I Was There' - Max Boyce. The 32 page brochure is a celebration of the work of Max and includes some great stories, biographical information and photos. it is contained within a WRU Charitable Trust folder overprinted with concert and trust information.






11.jpg (53467 bytes)

Shamrock on a real Connemara marble base, made in Ireland, 3" (8cm) high, .


14.jpg (36917 bytes)

Lampeter Olde Campaigners 170th Anniversary Banquet, a Charles Glassware printed glass with illustration and info on the front plus banquet speaker information and menu on reverse.  with makers label.


24.jpg (286391 bytes)

1991 Rugby World Cup Bordeaux wine bottle (empty) includes the badges of competing nations (2 available).


65.jpg (487841 bytes)

Welsh Rugby Union Centenary tea towel featuring a scene from Wales v NZ 1905 and dates of Triple Crown and Grand Slam years, , as new, unused.


64.jpg (149741 bytes)

Irish Rugby Union Centenary tea towel featuring badges of clubs and provinces, , as new, unused.


56.jpg (363836 bytes)

England - Rugby Football Union Centenary tea towel featuring badges of counties and the fouding clubs , as new, unused.


62.jpg (243037 bytes)

Scotland RU 1873 - 1973 ladies scarf , size 29" x 29" (74cm x 74cm). As new, presumed to be unused.


61.jpg (187905 bytes)

Welsh Rugby Union centenary scarf 1981 designed and made for the Welsh Rugby Union by isla Gladstone prints, as new, in original packaging.


59.jpg (210697 bytes)

Welsh Games (athletics) 1966 plaque, .


52.jpg (141927 bytes)

Bridgend RFC centenary mirror, size 9cm x 7cm, in plastic pocket, .


47.jpg (203329 bytes)

A miniature ball produced for the Llanelli v NZ 1972 victory 25th anniversary banquet, printed on 4 panels, .


41.jpg (188998 bytes) 54.jpg (98538 bytes) 53.jpg (81007 bytes) 19.jpg (11616 bytes)


WRU Centenary box of matches, 

2 x RFU unused and complete booklets of matches, 

WRU Centenary lighter by A.C. (UK) Ltd. 

Box of Wales & Cardiff v NZ 1953 re-union matches, 

Lighter with rugby player figure (boxed)

We are unable to post these because they are prohibited items, they are available for pick up by appointment only. 


45.jpg (191503 bytes)

WRU Centenary stamp, first issued in 1980 enclosed in a resin paperweight, .


46.jpg (252770 bytes)

Size 3 leather football, hand sewn, made in Pakistan, origin unknown, it is not known if the ball inflates.


40.jpg (282602 bytes)

Football Association of Wales centenary giftware by Weatherby, 5" (13cm) in diameter, in original presentation box, .


33.jpg (204797 bytes)

A 53rd Welsh Division, British Army plaque .


63.jpg (122013 bytes)

A Queen Elizabeth II liner tea towel in Irish linen,  as new, unused.




NZ-79.jpg (39930 bytes) England v New Zealand 24 Nov  1979 Twickenham 9 - 10 Excellent
06.jpg (60094 bytes) England v Wales  17 Jan 1976 Twickenham

Grand Slam season for Wales

9 - 21 corner of front cover missing
W-80.jpg (37487 bytes) England v Wales  16 Feb 1980 Twickenham

Grand Slam season for England

9 - 8 Excellent
w-86.jpg (40336 bytes) England v Wales 18 Jan 1986 Twickenham 21 - 18 Excellent
W-88.jpg (39042 bytes) England v Wales 6 Feb 1988 Twickenham

Triple Crown season for Wales

3 - 11 slight crease
W-81.jpg (36952 bytes) France v Wales 7 Mar 1981 Paris

Grand Slam season for France

19 - 15 slight crease
W-80.jpg (32056 bytes) Ireland v Wales 15 Mar 1980 Dublin   very slight crease
B-83.jpg (44988 bytes) Scotland v Barbarians 26 Mar 1983 Murrayfield   Excellent
W-83.jpg (45894 bytes) Scotland v Wales 19 Feb 1983 Murrayfield 15 - 19 slight crease
W-87.jpg (41471 bytes) Scotland v Wales 21 Mar 1987 Murrayfield 21 -15 slight crease
XV-89.jpg (52289 bytes) South Africa v World XV 

1st Test

26 Aug 1989 Cape Town  20 - 19 Excellent


07.jpg (136320 bytes) South Africa v World XV 

1st Test

Souvenir issue published by Baumgarten

26 Aug 1989 Cape Town  20 - 19 Excellent


21.jpg (136719 bytes) South Africa v World XV 

2nd Test

2 Sep 1989 Johannesburg   Excellent


A-96.jpg (49262 bytes) Wales v Australia 1 Dec 1996 Cardiff  19 - 28 Excellent
B-96.jpg (43482 bytes) Wales v Barbarians 24 Aug 1996 Cardiff  31 - 10 Excellent
C-99.jpg (46094 bytes) Wales v Canada 21 Aug 1999 Cardiff  33 - 19 Excellent
E-83.jpg (35228 bytes) Wales v England 5 Feb 1983 Cardiff 13 - 13 Excellent
E-87.jpg (39294 bytes) Wales v England 7 Mar 1987 Cardiff  19 - 12 Excellent
E-91.jpg (39573 bytes) Wales v England 19 Jan 1991 Cardiff  6 - 25 Excellent
E-95.jpg (42367 bytes) Wales v England 18 Feb 1995 Cardiff

Grand Slam Season for England

9 - 23 Excellent
E-97.jpg (42941 bytes) Wales v England 15 Mar 1997 Cardiff 

Triple Crown Season for England

13 - 34 Excellent
E-2001.jpg (38611 bytes) Wales v England 3 Feb 2001 Cardiff  15 - 44 Excellent
Fj-85.jpg (34431 bytes) Wales v Fiji 9 Nov 1985 Cardiff 40 - 3 Excellent
Fj-95.jpg (40474 bytes) Wales v Fiji 11 Nov 1995 Cardiff  19 - 15 Excellent
F-80.jpg (36097 bytes) Wales v France 19 Jan 1980 Cardiff  18 - 9 Excellent
F-84.jpg (36449 bytes) Wales v France 18 Feb 1984 Cardiff  16 - 21 light rubbing to front cover
F-88.jpg (37551 bytes) Wales v France 19 Mar 1988 Cardiff  9 - 10 Excellent
F-91.jpg (45203 bytes) Wales v France 4 Sep 1991 Cardiff  9 - 22 Excellent
F-96.jpg (41774 bytes) Wales v France 16 Mar 1996 Cardiff  16 - 15 Excellent
F-1996-09-25.jpg (48978 bytes) Wales v France 25 Sep 1996 Cardiff  33 - 40 Excellent
F-99.jpg (44373 bytes) Wales v France 28 Aug 1999 Cardiff  34 - 23 Excellent
F-2000.jpg (42986 bytes) Wales v France 5 Feb 2000 Cardiff  3 - 36 Excellent
I-87.jpg (37199 bytes) Wales v Ireland 4 Apr 1987 Cardiff  11 - 15 Excellent
I-89.jpg (37729 bytes) Wales v Ireland 4 Feb 1989 Cardiff  13 - 19 Excellent
I-91.jpg (37810 bytes) Wales v Ireland 16 Feb 1991 Cardiff  21 - 21 Excellent
I-95.jpg (38298 bytes) Wales v Ireland 18 Mar 1995 Cardiff  12 - 16 Excellent
I-97.jpg (24874 bytes) Wales v Ireland 1 Feb 1997 Cardiff  25 - 26 Excellent
It-96.jpg (42232 bytes) Wales v Italy 16 Jan 1996 Cardiff 31 - 26 Excellent
It-2000.jpg (43155 bytes) Wales v Italy 19 Feb 2000 Cardiff  47 - 16 Excellent
J-83.jpg (37071 bytes) Wales v Japan 22 Oct 1983 Cardiff  29 - 24 Excellent
NZ-78.jpg (40259 bytes) Wales v New Zealand 11 Nov 1978 Cardiff  12 - 13 light wear to front cover
NZ-80.jpg (39209 bytes) Wales v New Zealand 1 Nov 1980 Cardiff  3 - 23 Excellent
NZ-89.jpg (35518 bytes) Wales v New Zealand 4 Nov 1989 Cardiff  9 - 34 Excellent
NZM-82.jpg (36606 bytes) Wales v NZ Maoris 13 Nov 1982 Cardiff  25 - 19 light wear to front cover
94.jpg (42004 bytes) Wales v Overseas XV 20 Sep 1980 Cardiff    Excellent
PXV-84.jpg (45569 bytes) Wales v Presidents XV 7 Apr 1984 Cardiff  27 - 17 Excellent
R-88.jpg (36015 bytes) Wales v Romania 10 Dec 1988 Cardiff 9 - 15  Excellent
WS-88.jpg (37467 bytes) Wales v Samoa 12 Nov 1988 Cardiff  28 - 6 Excellent
S-80.jpg (36557 bytes) Wales v Scotland 1 Mar 1980 Cardiff  17 - 6 Excellent
S-82.jpg (37145 bytes) Wales v Scotland 20 Mar 1982 Cardiff  18 - 34 Excellent
S-84.jpg (36092 bytes) Wales v Scotland 21 Jan 1984 Cardiff 

Grand Slam season for Scotland

9 - 15 Excellent
S-86.jpg (36241 bytes) Wales v Scotland 1 Feb 1986 Cardiff  22 - 15 Excellent
S-88.jpg (37924 bytes) Wales v Scotland 20 Feb 1988 Cardiff  25 - 20 Excellent
S-96.jpg (44660 bytes) Wales v Scotland 17 Feb 1996 Cardiff 14 - 16 Excellent
06.jpg (42112 bytes) Wales v Scotland 18 Mar 2000 Cardiff  26 - 18 Excellent
SA-96.jpg (50974 bytes) Wales v South Africa 15 Dec 1996 Cardiff  20 - 37 Excellent
SA-99.jpg (41199 bytes) Wales v South Africa 26 Jun 1999 Cardiff 

Millennium Stadium opening match - only victory over South Africa

29 - 19 Excellent
SA-2000.jpg (41329 bytes) Wales v South Africa 26 Nov 2000 Cardiff  13 - 23 Excellent
USA-87.jpg (36514 bytes) Wales v USA 7 Nov 1987 Cardiff 46 - 0 Excellent
USA-97.jpg (49274 bytes) Wales v USA 11 Jan 1997 Cardiff  34 -14 Excellent


1991 RWC

AUSvARG.jpg (47212 bytes) Australia v Argentina

excellent condition

  WAvARG.jpg (49987 bytes) Wales v Argentina

excellent condition

WAvAUS.jpg (51780 bytes) Wales v Australia

excellent condition

  03.jpg (50931 bytes) Wales v Samoa

excellent condition

1999 RWC

WvARG.jpg (52039 bytes) Wales v Argentina

excellent condition

  WvJAP.jpg (51532 bytes) Wales v Japan

excellent condition

WvSAM.jpg (51277 bytes) Wales v Samoa

excellent condition

  pr-1999 RWC W v A.jpg (64183 bytes) Wales v Australia - quarter final

excellent condition 

AUSvFR.jpg (170335 bytes) Australia v France, Final





84-Cardiff.jpg (50789 bytes) Cardiff v Australia 24 Oct 1984 Cardiff 12-16 very slight crease
95-Ll.jpg (36202 bytes) Llanelli v Fiji 7 Nov 1995 Llanelli   Excellent
95-Pontypridd.jpg (49256 bytes) Pontypridd v Fiji 4 Nov 1995 Pontypridd   Excellent
80-llanelli.jpg (40151 bytes) Llanelli v New Zealand 21 Oct 1980 Llanelli 16-10 Excellent
64.jpg (61382 bytes) Newport v New Zealand 28 Oct 1980 Newport 14-3 Excellent
1980-10-25.jpg (34851 bytes) Swansea v New Zealand 25 Oct 1980 Swansea 32-0 Excellent
89-Ll.jpg (43892 bytes) Llanelli v All Blacks 28 Oct 1989 Llanelli 11-0 Excellent
89-Neath.jpg (71383 bytes) Neath v All Blacks  1989 Neath 26-15 slight crease
89-Nport.jpg (42254 bytes) Newport v All Blacks 31 Oct 1989 Newport 54-9 slight crease
89-Ppool.jpg (43880 bytes) Pontypool v All Blacks  1989 Pontypool 47-6 Excellent
89-Swansea.jpg (43128 bytes) Swansea v All Blacks 21 Oct 1989 Swansea 37-22 Excellent
22.jpg (49811 bytes) Aberavon v NZ Maoris 9 Nov 1982 Port Talbot   Excellent


20.jpg (111876 bytes) Llanelli v NZ Maoris 6 Nov 1982 Llanelli   Excellent
1993-12-04.jpg (43417 bytes) Barbarians v NZ 4 Dec 1993 Cardiff 25-12 Excellent



41.jpg (39716 bytes) Bridgend v Cardiff 24 Apr 1982 Cardiff   slight crease
38.jpg (36956 bytes) Cardiff v Llanelli  27 Apr 1985 Cardiff   slight crease
28.jpg (38641 bytes) Pontypridd v Swansea   6 May 1995 Cardiff   excellent
27.jpg (43480 bytes) Neath v Pontypridd   4 May 1996 Cardiff   excellent
26.jpg (39603 bytes) Cardiff v Swansea

(last match - Arms Park)

26 Apr 1997 Cardiff   slight crease



73.jpg (39676 bytes) Welsh Rugby Union Centenary match 29 Nov 1980 Cardiff   light rubbing to front cover


04.jpg (65372 bytes) British Lions v The Rest of the World

IRFB Centenary match

16 Apr 1986 Cardiff 7 - 15 Excellent


72.jpg (43937 bytes) Five Nations v Overseas Unions

Centenary of IRFB match, Overseas team are players from Australia, New Zealand and South Africa

19 Apr 1986 Twickenham   Excellent
74.jpg (84647 bytes) Natal v FNB International (World) XV 19 Aug 1989 Durban   slight crease
72.jpg (93767 bytes) Northern Transvaal v FNB International (World) XV 29 Aug 1989 Pretoria   Excellent
73.jpg (105345 bytes) SA President's XV v FNB International (World) XV 22 Aug 1989 Port Elizabeth   Excellent
66.jpg (69389 bytes) Wales B v France B 10 Nov 1984 Newport   very good


79.jpg (45335 bytes) Wales v England

Schools Under 16s

2 Apr 1980 Cardiff   slight crease


05.jpg (86967 bytes) Wales v Yorkshire

Schools Under 18s

10 Jan 1981 Cwmbran   slight crease


23.jpg (47953 bytes) Wales v France


12 Mar 1983 Llanelli   slight crease



04.jpg (157967 bytes) 6 Cardiff home and away programmes, for matches against

Welsh International XV 9/11/87, Pontypridd (cup) 12/1/80, Swansea 23/9/95, Glamorgan Wanderers 8/3/86, Llanelli 22/11/86 & Glamorgan Wanderers, away 2/9/81



57.jpg (67617 bytes) 9 May 1981 Guest teams - Cardiff & Leicester

Winners - Rosslyn Park

Slightly creased



Llanelli are the Greatest  -  by W.H Clement

It is perhaps appropriate that in this period of count-down to the day when I shall ultimately withdraw from active official association with Rugby Union Football, I should turn my thoughts to how it all started and inevitably Stradey Park and Llanelli R.F.C will loom large in those thoughts.

Living as I did within hearing distance of Stradey Park, and having attended Old Road School and then Llanelli County School, as it then was, it was inevitable that an intense interest in Rugby Football would follow. Fed by tales of the stirring exploits of such great ones as Albert Jenkins, Ivor Jones, Ernie Finch, Dai John, Watcyn Thomas, and a host of others, my appetite for the Scarlets became insatiable, and my wish to one day wear the colours of Llanelli R.F.C became a burning ambition - one could almost call it an obsession.

Following a highly satisfactory apprenticeship at school and subsequently with Felinfoel R.F.C, who at that time fielded an entire half-back and threequarter line made up of ex-Llanelli County Schoolboys, the magic moment arrived with an invitation to play for Llanelli R.F.C in a missionary game at Penclawdd in early October, 1934. Thus started for me an unforgettable period of five years as a ''Scarlet'', a period which ended abruptly in September, 1939, with the outbreak of the 1939-45 war.

The five years playing association with Llanelli were five happy years, packed with incidents of fun, humour, emotion, frustration, triumph and, sometimes dejection. To recount even a small fraction of such incidents would take far more space than this article would allow. I will be content to recount two, both involving games against Swansea R.F.C, ''the All Whites'', and both played at St. Helens.

My first experience of top-class club rugby came with selection for the Scarlets to play against Swansea at St. Helens on a Thursday evening in late October. Only those who have experienced it can really describe the thrill of seeing my name on the team sheet displayed in the window of the Salutation Hotel on the day following team selection. I was thrilled, yet apprehensive, fully conscious that I would be opposite a flier in Harold Powell, a serious contender for international honours. I was also very much aware that at that time Swansea had a 100 per cent success record. The result, now a matter of history, was a triumph for the Scarlets and the personal satisfaction of two tries made possible by some immaculate timing passes by Bill (W.J) Thomas.

Another occasion involving a game against Swansea at St. Helens was far from pleasant. It was a game which, to say the least, was over-vigorous, in which there were some ugly incidents and which culminated in the cancellation of fixtures between Llanelli and Swansea. During the game, my immediate opponent, again Harold Powell, was injured and withdrew from the game. No replacements were permitted in those days and Joe White was withdrawn from the Swansea pack to fill the gap. I was terrified. Joe was one of the famous or notorious - depending on whether you were a Swansea or another club member - trio of White brothers, not renowned for their gentle approach. A little touch-line fracas erupted in which Joe played a prominent part and was laid out in the process. The referee, Mr. Fred Phillips of Pontarddulais, I believe, ordered Joe from the field, but he was unconscious and so was carried off by his colleagues. That is the first and only time I can remember when a sent-off player left the field in a horizontal position!

To return to Stradey Park. What a transformation from the pre-war period. What a monument to the far-sightedness of the administrators who acquired the freehold of a vast acreage of the Stradey estate for the everlasting benefit of Llanelli R.F.C. Contrast the present facilities with those of the 1930's - a communal bath plus one small shower point. It was a race to get into the bath early as late-comers emerged dirtier than they went in! Reception and refreshment facilities par excellence compared with none pre-war. Tours to such places as South Africa, Canada, America, etc. are the rule rather than the exception. Pre-war, a fixture which required an over-night stay was regarded as a tour!

For all the improvements, however, I venture to warrant that no-one could possibly enjoy more fun than I enjoyed playing for Llanelli R.F.C. in those far off days of the 1930's. And what of those whose company I shared as contemporaries? To name them all would be impossible, but one cannot omit Elvet Jones, a life-long friend and now President of the Club, with whom I spent many a training session plodding around Stradey in the darkness or, when limited lighting was introduced for training purposes, in semi-darkness, and with whom I toured South Africa as a member of the Lions in 1938. Bryn Evans, the ace of hookers now sadly passed on, an erudite conversationalist who emitted a grunt or two to prove his point. Ivor Jones, still going strong and still regarded with awe in New Zealand following his outstanding displays as a member of the 1930 Lions team. W.R.J (Reg) Jones, immaculately groomed, with his slick, well-brushed and brylcreamed black hair. D.L Thomas, a five-foot-nothing youngster from LLandovery College with quick-silver feet and the heart of a lion. Gwyn Treharne, J.R Thomas, Fred Rees, Will Williams, Gibbs Davies, Emlyn Hughews (Uncle of Emlyn Hughes of Liverpool and England soccer frame), Emrys Evans, Fred Morgan, Jim and Will Lang, and on and on, a never-ending list. Special mention must be made of Glyn Elias, a product of Pontyberem with whom I struck up a highly successful left flank partnership and who, I was convinced, was destined for higher honours had he not taken the plunge and sought his fortune up North.

And so the reminiscing could go on indefinitely. Time and space decree otherwise, however, and it only remains for me now to repeat the obvious. Llanelli R.F.C and Stradey Park occupy a very special place in my life and for me rank as the greatest Rugby Club and club ground anywhere in the world. As an ex-Scarlet, what else can I say?

reproduced from the Llanelli RFC booklet 'Into the Eighties'



Bill Clement toured South Africa with the 1938 British Lions.


to view information on this tour and the photos and memorabilia of Jim Unwin, one of Bill's fellow wings.



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